Feminist bookshelf: We should all be Feminists

20th March 2019

I’ve wanted to do regular book reviews for a while now, as I love to read (surprise!) and I paid £27,000 for the privilege. I mean I also got a degree out of it and wrote a few thousand words too, but essentially I paid a hefty lil sum to work my way through someone […]

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Ciao Adios I’m done

17th May 2018

Hi there, I’m back. I’ve only gone and finished my degree in the time I’ve been away from blogging. So no biggie eh? I’ve just written an 8,000 word dissertation, eaten my body weight in chocolate and massively exploited the free version of citeforme to reference my 40+ sources. But I made it through and […]

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I charge you, O women.

29th January 2017

I know so many needy women. Women who rely on men to make them feel better, to drive them around, to give them the status of being in a relationship, to give them the stability and comfort that comes with being in a relationship. Women who need constant support, women who basically need a counsellor, […]

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