girl power

12 weeks to go!

5th January 2020

Just like that it’s 12 weeks until my half marathon. Yep, in 12 weeks time I’ll be stood on the start line and hopefully the race will actually start this time! (It bloody better). Post-Christmas training is going to be a slight shock to my system as for a while my trainers just sat in […]

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A Functional Sad Day 

8th October 2018

You’ve probably read the title thinking I’m sorry, what? Well my peaches, if you’d told me 5 years ago I’d feel sad sometimes (about life, but also relating to losing my Dad) but then get over it and get on with my day, I would have been like, Sure thing Susan and returned to my Friends-filled-hibernation. […]

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Ciao Adios I’m done

17th May 2018

Hi there, I’m back. I’ve only gone and finished my degree in the time I’ve been away from blogging. So no biggie eh? I’ve just written an 8,000 word dissertation, eaten my body weight in chocolate and massively exploited the free version of citeforme to reference my 40+ sources. But I made it through and […]

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