Hello March

3rd March 2020

I am a big fan of March mostly because it’s spring, my birthday (an excuse to see all my family and friends) and my cousin is expecting her baby!!! YAY. More teeny tiny toes and nostrils (Bacon nostrils aren’t teeny tiny though). I’ve also got a very exciting project to throw myself into and my final […]

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Travels in 2020

11th February 2020

Last year I managed to take several breaks in the UK and abroad and I absolutely loved it. I visited four countries (two of which I’d never been to before), one new state in the US alongside working part-time and finishing a masters. It wasn’t easy with a part-time salary and 14 days holiday after […]

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Make your own luck

22nd February 2019

If you achieve your dream career, or can afford a beautiful home, or achieve something you’ve been striving for you’re often told that you’re lucky. Out of millions of people trying to be or do x or y, you’ve done it. You’re the lucky one, or are you? In essence they’re removing some of the […]

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1st January 2017

Well Christmas is over with a nice hard thud and reality has well and truly set in because I left a week to cram my 3,000 word essay and all my reading for term in before going back to York next Tuesday. Good one Jess. When really I just want to scavenge for leftover Christmas […]

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