How to embrace an unexpected adventure

24th March 2020

As you can tell from the name of this blog, I’m very aware of the unexpected paths life takes us on. Most of these unexpected twists and turns are unwelcome and present issues, as well, you didn’t see them coming. Some unexpected events, of course are good, wonderful even. Marriage, babas, doggos you know. At […]

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The end of an era

24th January 2020

This week has been filled with tears, for many reasons. But today I say goodbye to my first post-uni or proper job as the Editor of Architecture Magazine at the Peterborough based publishers Media One. It was a decision made for many reasons; I moved towards Cambridge and wanted to be closer to my nest, […]

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That Friday Feeling

24th October 2019

In our house growing up a mad thing would happen on a Friday night. We’d get that Friday night feeling of two days off school, work and instead, two whole days of freedom. There’d be singing, dancing, shouting, laugher, madness really; all for that Friday feeling. So every Friday, I’m gonna give you a weekly […]

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We get it, you’re busy.

1st December 2018

It’s no secret that we are all super, duper, friggin busy. The kinda busy where the phrase “I’m free three weeks on Thursday” is very normal, and something I would never want to change. I love that my friends and family are living their own lives and aiming for their own goals, keep hustling along […]

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A Little Life Update

17th September 2018

No matter how hard we try to avoid it – undertaking several degrees, gap yahs, and “I’m finding myself holidays” – real life comes round to us all in the end. Great. I was very aware of the fact that real life had begun and I had nada going on, I was muddling through and […]

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Life post-uni: Anxiety

16th July 2018

University brought so many amazing things into my life, as well as hangovers, many an existential crisis and my awareness of the price of food. It also brought some other lil things, like friends, parties, mems for life and sadly brain fog & its gal pal anxiety. I’d never really had anxiety beforehand, not like I’d […]

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World Mental Health Day

10th October 2017

We are lucky to live in a time when mental health is considered to be as important – if not more important than physical health – rather than it being treated as a taboo subject or a it’s-all-in-your-head-get-over-it problem that mental health sufferers have faced in the past. Yay well done humans for evolving, took […]

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The Reality of Living in an Instant Society

8th September 2017

We live in the age of fad diets, quick fixes, instant messenger, social networking, 24/7 live news updates; everything we want to know, do, see, read, be, we are told we can instantly have. This is ingrained in us, text that person now to see if they’re on campus, who was that in the film […]

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Cut the crap. 

10th April 2017

Cutting the crap was a NY resolution that Beth and I drunkenly decided on NYE to keep in 2017. And so far, we’re both doing pretty god damn well really. We basically wanted to cut the crap in all areas of our lives, the food, bad thoughts, bad people, bad events, things we didn’t want to […]

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