#Dear Mind

16th May 2019

Trigger Publishing asked if I wanted to get involved with their #DearMind campaign for Mental Health Awareness week. #DearMind You are my worst critic. You are my meanest friend. Why do you become clouded so often? Why do you trick me into believing that I am alone? Fat? Worthless? Stupid? I try to ignore you, […]

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Spring Term Aspirations

9th January 2018

  Yesterday I started to have a lil panic as my Christmas holiday is almost over – SAD ASS TIMES – I consoled myself by singing White Christmas and then contemplating why January doesn’t have it’s own playlist? Every month should really have its own playlist right? Then we’d actually notice time passing, mind. blown. […]

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World Mental Health Day

10th October 2017

We are lucky to live in a time when mental health is considered to be as important – if not more important than physical health – rather than it being treated as a taboo subject or a it’s-all-in-your-head-get-over-it problem that mental health sufferers have faced in the past. Yay well done humans for evolving, took […]

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Why I love Men in Black 3

7th October 2017

I wanted something to watch this eve and after sifting through Netflix, I ended up where I always do, at Men in Black 3. Sure it’s not my all-time-favourite film, but I know it inside out and love every part of it. I have always loved it bc it is escapism at it’s best, there […]

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For Real?

17th September 2017

If you can’t tell from the photo of me and a scooby sandwich, this post will not be serious, or be about how to keep your eyebrows on fleek, or what goals to set and not achieve, or how to improve yo self. If you’re looking for that then I’d probs leave now, as this […]

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Hello Anxiety

11th September 2017

Hello there anxiety, my unwelcome friend. How delightful you’re visiting again, said no one ever. Anxiety is an invisible part of ourselves that may choose to control us. But who’s choice is it that anxiety is in control? Yours. I struggle with this answer, because I do suffer with anxiety now and again, and during […]

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The Reality of Living in an Instant Society

8th September 2017

We live in the age of fad diets, quick fixes, instant messenger, social networking, 24/7 live news updates; everything we want to know, do, see, read, be, we are told we can instantly have. This is ingrained in us, text that person now to see if they’re on campus, who was that in the film […]

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6th May 2017

I drove on the road I always drive on, going I’m not sure where while the sun sets over York. I decide that rather than turn around to no plans and an empty room that I continue on that road until I reach the sea. Drive several miles and reach Scarborough. Then I’ll feel better, […]

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Cut the crap. 

10th April 2017

Cutting the crap was a NY resolution that Beth and I drunkenly decided on NYE to keep in 2017. And so far, we’re both doing pretty god damn well really. We basically wanted to cut the crap in all areas of our lives, the food, bad thoughts, bad people, bad events, things we didn’t want to […]

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