isobel baby bacon

The dream team: Team Bacon

9th February 2020

One of the things I’m very grateful for is my family, better known as Team Bacon. In Addenbrooks hospital when my Dad was diagnosed with brain cancer, he said, “We’re Team Bacon, Team Bacon can get through anything.”  That pretty much sums up my Dad; a ridiculous sense of optimism in an annoying but charming […]

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How to make time for everything 101.

5th March 2017

I thought I’d write a little how to make time for everything 101. Recently, I’ve felt like my life is an endless to do list and the majority of the things on that list aren’t actually things I want to do. There have been lots of things I must do but not a great deal of […]

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you are not a damsel in distress

You are not a damsel in distress

29th January 2017

Recently, I have seen so many needy women who play the damsel in distress. Women who rely on men to make them feel better, to drive them around, to give them the status of being in a relationship, to give them the stability and comfort that comes with being in a relationship. I am not […]

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