Adjusting to life post-uni

21st May 2018

Okay, so while this post title is crystal clear, I am actually not completely done with uni, which is as big a surprise to me as it is to you hun. But let’s just rewind a sec! So a week ago, (I feel like I should be writing “four weeks ago”, but nope only a […]

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Spring Term Aspirations

9th January 2018

  Yesterday I started to have a lil panic as my Christmas holiday is almost over – SAD ASS TIMES – I consoled myself by singing White Christmas and then contemplating why January doesn’t have it’s own playlist? Every month should really have its own playlist right? Then we’d actually notice time passing, mind. blown. […]

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My Final Autumn Term

29th November 2017

I have just finished a 14 hour day in the library so naturally I thought this was a perfect time to write a blog post, because I just can’t get enough of writing. HA, I deffo can and have after writing 6,000 words. I’m not even convinced they were good words, just ones that I’ve […]

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Autumn Term Week 2

8th October 2017

My days it’s been a busy lil week, and I have the cold to prove it. Yep, my immune system is so weak after one week of mania I have already descended into a sneezy lil snotty haze, I cry. I think I may have cured myself with lots of lemon & honey and paracetamol, […]

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Autumn Term Week 1

1st October 2017

It’s here, it’s third year *many many tears*. I now only really have two terms left of my degree, and 8 final months of living in York – ahhhhh. This makes me v sad, but also it’s really excited, bc who knows what happens next? I mean I probably do know, it’ll be me working […]

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