university of york

It’s official, I’m a graduate!

16th October 2018

So it’s official… I’m a graduate. AGH. I still don’t believe it, mainly because I feel way too young to be a graduate and have my life together. Can I just rewind to the gin & lemonade and dancing on the tables in Fibbers pls?? Graduation was such a good end to my time in […]

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anxiety post university

Life Post-University: Graduate Anxiety

16th July 2018

University brought wonderful things into my life, but I also developed anxiety especially as a graduate. I’d never really had anxiety beforehand, not like I’d experienced at university anyway. And I always managed to control it, because my main anxiety would occur before an exam but then my philosophy of whatever happens, happens, would pipe […]

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ciao adios i'm done with university

Ciao Adios, I’m done with University!

17th May 2018

I’ve only gone and finished my university degree like Ciao Adios, I’m done. No big deal. I’ve written an 8,000 word dissertation, eaten my body weight in chocolate and massively exploited the free version of citeforme to reference my 40+ sources. But I made it through! So Ciao, adois you disgustingly long piece of writing you, […]

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student finance show me the money

University fees: show me the money

28th February 2017

There will be times at university where you will want to say show me the money. What have my university fees and student finance gone into? I often feel like Chandler and Ross in Vermont that I need to find ways to make back the money I’ve spent on this little venture to university. But I can’t […]

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