A Weekend in York

19th December 2019

Last weekend Dan and I had a festive weekend away in my university city, York. After three amazing years in the city, I was excited to return and show Dan round my favourite places. With our big coats packed, we headed to the North. Yet, no matter how much I visit or how long I […]

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I’m a Graduate!

16th October 2018

So kids it’s official… I’m a graduate. AGH. I still don’t believe it, mainly because I feel way too young to be a graduate and have my life together. Can I just rewind to the gin & lemonade and dancing on the tables in Fibbers pls?? Graduation was such a good end to my time […]

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A Little Life Update

17th September 2018

No matter how hard we try to avoid it – undertaking several degrees, gap yahs, and “I’m finding myself holidays” – real life comes round to us all in the end. Great. I was very aware of the fact that real life had begun and I had nada going on, I was muddling through and […]

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Life post-uni: Anxiety

16th July 2018

University brought so many amazing things into my life, as well as hangovers, many an existential crisis and my awareness of the price of food. It also brought some other lil things, like friends, parties, mems for life and sadly brain fog & its gal pal anxiety. I’d never really had anxiety beforehand, not like I’d […]

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The top 10 cafes in York

22nd June 2018

I’ve been wanting to write this for a while as I feel I have a lot of experience of cafes in York, since I’ve cafe-hopped extensively during my time living in York. I well and truly lived up to the stereotype of an English student reading a book with a cuppa in a cafe, with the occasional […]

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20 books from my degree worth reading

22nd June 2018

I haven’t got round to making posts about all the ass-kicking lil books & plays that I love, so I’m gonna start with a list of lit from my degree that I actually enjoyed and would recommend reading at some point in your life. I read a lot of classics and a lot of obscure lit […]

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Year 3 Spring Term

25th May 2018

As I sit in a cafe having a cup of tea while writing my final period module essay, I am starting to feel slightly more at ease with things than I have in months. To say these first three months of the year have been stressful would be a slight understatement, they’ve been mad, disorganised […]

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Ciao Adios I’m done

17th May 2018

Hi there, I’m back. I’ve only gone and finished my degree in the time I’ve been away from blogging. So no biggie eh? I’ve just written an 8,000 word dissertation, eaten my body weight in chocolate and massively exploited the free version of citeforme to reference my 40+ sources. But I made it through and […]

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January: Week 2

14th January 2018

Two weeks down, only 50 to go, where is the year going? It’s practically over already. But I have finally had a productive week, THANK GOD, as I had about 358498 things to do before I moved back to chilly-ass York today. And I’m pleasantly surprised by how many of them I’ve done. I think […]

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