It’s official, I’m a graduate!

16th October 2018

So it’s official… I’m a graduate. AGH. I still don’t believe it, mainly because I feel way too young to be a graduate and have my life together. Can I just rewind to the gin & lemonade and dancing on the tables in Fibbers pls?? Graduation was such a good end to my time in […]

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malham cove yorkshire dales

Visiting Malham Cove and Gordale Scar, Yorkshire

9th October 2017

Yesterday, Becca and I decided to take a walk at Malham Cove and Gordale Scar in the Yorkshire Dales. Nothing beats having a long walk in the fresh air and going to bed with achey feet and sleeping like a baby bear in hibernation. It is something we’ve talked about doing for a while, and as […]

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exploring yorkshire

Exploring Yorkshire with Franky

27th May 2017

Franky and I love to procrastinate and explore Yorkshire, the further away we can get from our work the better, it seems. Our adventures began after exams, before that the most adventurous thing was a Gatehouse coffee revision sesh instead of going to the library to have a tuna mayo jacket potato, standard. So we […]

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6th May 2017

I decided to escape from York for a bit and just go on a drive. Rather than turn around the further I got, I continued on until I reached Scarborough. I always felt better near the sea. There is something very therapeutic about the sea – it’s motion, the smell, how it sound. It always […]

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