That Friday Feeling

Well hay. I missed last week’s Friday post from living my life far too much to stop and write things down – oops. So this week you got a double whammy of my favourite parts of the last two weeks that have given me that goodbye work week holla Friday feeling.

My Mum’s scones 

Last Friday my Mum made her legendary scones. She can make them in sub ten minutes, the sort of blink and they’re made, second hand nature baked good of hers. They’re best when they’re fresh from the oven (which they were) and served with jam & cream – she treated us to the good stuff, it was a Friday though eh? Add a cuppa into the mix and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. 

Date night with Dan

Dan and I hadn’t had a date night in an AGE, even though we live together and a good portion of the week we eat dinner and watch films together… so kinda every night is date night, but not also – you know?

Last week we went to Cafe Rouge for a cheeky two for one meerkat meal for an outdoor date night. I love a bit of quality time together, so it was lush.  

Lazy Saturday mornings

Buttery croissants and a new TV series is there any better way to start a morning? Dan loves to put on Saturday cooking when we’re sat having our coffee in the morning, but it happens every week and you won’t be surprised, that while watching we get super duper hungry. 

On his wish list this particular Saturday was croissants. To earn myself some girlfriend points (I’m saving them up to cash them in for something Dan can do like go to the shop for me to get shnacks / Zinfandel for me, hehe) I popped to Tesco to bring home the Bacon, well croissants. 

Manchester with Ellie to see Christina Aguilera

Ellie and I, as though we still lived care-free student lives, went to see Christina Aguilera on Tuesday. That’s right MID-WEEK. Xtina did not disappoint; we loved it! So many throwbacks to ten year old me singing Lady Marmalade, Ain’t No other man, Candyman and Genie in a bottle as well as Fighter and Beautiful. She has so many great songs, and was so good live!! 

We also stayed over to extend our midweek weekend and explore Manchester’s Christmas markets and shops on Wednesday.

Ellie and I lived together for two years at Uni, some of our old antics are documented somewhere on this blog, so every time we meet up – which is never soon enough for me – it’s SO MUCH fun. 

Thorpe Park

Last weekend Dan and I went to Thorpe Park with his friends Ollie and Heather (who are getting married next year and Dan’s the best man!! – I’m going out with an adult. AN ADULT.) 

Anyhoo. I’d never been to TP only Alton Towers, but it was SO good. Rides were amazing, my faves were Nemesis and Swarm with my legs flailing and screams bursting out 80% of the way round.

I was terrified for the Walking Dead and Derren Brown’s Ghost Train (which both were scary af) especially the VR on the Ghost Train. We waited for around an hour and 10 for the Ghost Train so it was really not worth it after that! 

Some classic shots of us on the rides for you to enjoy. My nose is cold, not just a new look I’m going for this Christmas of Rudolph.

Going back to Spinning

My Aunty and I went spinning for the first time together since I moved. Going back was TOUGH. It always hurts my abs most of all (weird eh?) as there’s so much climbing stood up on the bike. 

But I bloody love spinning. I’m so pleased to be back! I’ve been doing Grace Beverley’s Shreddy guide (review coming soon) for weights etc, but I need more cardio in my life. 


Rae and Lauren are coming round tonight for pizza and to see our lil house and have an overdue catch up, can’t wait!!

Second chances

Very grateful for second chances at the moment, in all areas of my life. Sometimes there’s real moments of clarity right when you feel as though you’re muddling through aimlessly in life.

Coffee dates

Catching up with my love-you-long-time bestie Ali was dreamy last week. We spent the majority of the time giggling, comparing our adult lives and looking at photos of her gorgeous puppy, Lola.

Six years of friendship, living on different parts of the country, with very different ambitions (Ali is uber science smart, I am deffo not) but just love her long time and all time.

Christmas Shopping

It’s that time of year, which means whacking out the Christmas spreadsheet (yes really so I don’t have a “uhh what did I get them?” moment) and scavaging the shops for the perfect present or yanoo an excellent tacky chrsitmas decoration. 

When searching in a Christmas gift shop at Springfields I found this teeny version of my brother. He wore a costume just like this for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Growing that portfolio of werk

Having something to show for my work is my fave part of my job and working as an Editor of a monthly magazine gurantees that every month there’s a shiny new magazine baby to produce and add to the growing pile on my desk. 

Today we closed the December edition of AM, adios 2019 publication babies.

I also recieved the Decemeber edition of Be Kind magazine as I contributed an article around loneliness at Christmas. It’s such a beautiful and conscious magazine, I am thrilled to be included it in! Safe to say it has pride of place on the coffee table – eeee.

Quality family time

It’s no secret that I love my family, but spending a bit of quality time together is always great. I’m spending Saturday with my Mum to catch up with her after a few days away on a school residential and I can’t wait to see her face, annoy her and steal her food. Ah true love.

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  • Hannah says:

    I love your Cambridge print – where is it from?
    I am excited to read your Shreddy Guide! I saw you post about it on Instagram a few weeks ago so I am excited to hear what it is all about and maybe get involved myself?
    Love Thorpe Park! My dad used to take me and my siblings there all the time when we were younger since we had annual passes. We always used to get donuts for the ride home… so good!!! xx

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