That Friday Feeling

In our house growing up a mad thing would happen on a Friday night. We’d get that Friday night feeling of two days off school, work and instead, two whole days of freedom.

There’d be singing, dancing, shouting, laugher, madness really; all for that Friday feeling.

So every Friday, I’m gonna give you a weekly round up of my madness from that week to give you that Friday feeling that I’m already feelin’ as there should be more feeling of that Friday feeling. You feel that feel.

1. Life with Dan

As always, my life with Dan is something that gives me that daily burst of Friday feeling. Most of our evenings are filled with nonsense and non-stop laughter. This week included, Dan draping his hair over my face and him saying, I look like my mother.

Lunging and stretching before badminton, before his knees and ankles clicked. He’s a youthful man with an old man’s bones, lemme tell you.

2. Meetings in London

I love getting out of the office and turning my smile into real life humans – it’s just so much easier to get the sense of a story from another person rather than a 500 word press release. I want the personal touch that’s missing from the release, that’s the story.

But it was so god damn miserable in the rain. I took my old coat, not my new Zara coat of fluffy dreams as I thought I’d be too warm.

Had a bougie meeting in Soho House, that had a roaring fire so I was as snug as a bug in a rug or a warm bit of bacon in a roll.

It was like your Grandmother’s decor meets a high-end hotel meets a woodland lodge and a perfect mix of each.

3. Flowers.

Flowers are just full of feelings; love, growth, friendship, love. I love the flower stall at King’s Cross, which was bloomin’ beautiful this week.

My Mum brought me a bouquet of roses when I saw her on my lunch break one day; she’s a cute lil bean. Of course my response was, eh? What’s this for?

4. Watching my Brother in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang tonight

THE CUTEST MAN. Just love him.

I am BEYOND excited to watch my baby lil bro (he’s twenty but whatever) in POD’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang tonight. It is giving me the most Friday feeling I be feeling on a Friday in a while.

It’s had great reviews, so we’re all VERY excited, and when we get excited, I mean we get excited.

He’s also the most (least) coordinated man (child) in the world, but he does it with a big smile and flailing legs – what’s not to love? Hehe. Can’t wait.

In truth I’m very proud of him. Bless his lil cotton sockos.

5. Dan’s graduation.

I’m feeling all the feels for Dan’s graduation tomorrow. Eeeeee!

I’m so excited for him (probably more than he is) that he’ll have graduated from his MPhil at Cambridge.

The University of friggin’ Cambridge. Like. Eh? Amazing.

There’s a dinner and everything!!!

He’s got a fancy suit and Hogwarts gown and he’ll probably do some lunges or silly walk and rip his trousers. It’ll be golden, can’t wait.

6. Old friends.

Amazingly, we reconnected with one my Dad’s very old friends, Rasmei. They met when my Dad went on a Christian mission to Santa Ana in California to teach Cambodian refugees about God.

Though it sounds more like they just had a great time; hanging out in Dad’s apartment, hopping in the VW campervan and going to the beach.

Dad was my age at the time, 22, and Rasmei was 15. When we looked through Dad’s photo album we found Rasmei’s high school graduation photos and so many memories that they shared together on the year he spent in California.

Sometimes it’s easy to think that time lasts forever, we all did till Dad passed away. He did too until the cancer.

They’d both spent the last twenty years promising to visit the other, and it was both heartbreaking and overwhelmingly wonderful to meet Ras and his wife, Tracey. Dad would have loved it. We all did.

It was such a lovely reunion and I’m so grateful that his memory lives on in so many of us. Team Bacon lives on.

7. My first piece of paid blog work!

I was asked to review (upload onto the blog will be soon) on Instagram Marbonne Teeth Whitening Kit. I’m a teethy gal – I once wrote a sketch about teeth and performed in it haha – so I was so happy to work with them.

The product was really good; reasonably priced, effective and great results. So I was super happy!

I’m pleased that someone somewhere is reading my ramblings as dang I do love to write them.

Enjoy your Friday feeling!

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  • Hannah says:

    My boyfriend does exactly the same thing! He loves to drape my hair over his head and pretend that he is a girl or to see what he would look like with long hair! He is so weird…
    How was your brother’s show? Did it go okay? Did you enjoy it?
    One of my favourite things about working in London is the architecture and also feeling like a proper adult going to work because only proper adults work in the big city of London!!! We should definitely meet up next time you are in London if you get a spare hour. xx

    • Jess Bacon says:

      I’m pleased your boyfriend does it too, they’re so easily entertained!!
      His show was amazing, thank you. I absolutely loved it, he didn’t disappoint!

    • Jess Bacon says:

      I’m pleased your boyfriend does the same! So funny.
      The show was AMAZING. Loved it, he didn’t disappoint with his dance moves so I was very happy. I’d love that, will let you know the next time I’m in London and we’ll catch up? xx

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