The Truth?

Life is really shit sometimes. We all get that.

Right now, I’m deciding whether I go for pancakes by myself (table for one!) before I go back to an evening at a house I’m in by myself with little motivation to bother to get up tomorrow.

Life has shat on me once again and I would like to hibernate tbh.

I’ve heard a list of bad things about myself that now rattle around my brain most waking seconds of most days.

I can’t turn it off. Now it’s been said and I’ve heard it, I can’t seem to shake it. I don’t know how to fix it either.

I’d like to just have a break from life, a small bit time out to just get away from everything and figure out what on earth I’m doing here and who I am. Wouldn’t we all?

I wanted to have it together, but I don’t right now because everything has fallen apart.

One day it’ll be back in one piece but right now I’m trying to figure out where those pieces are and what they even look like.

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