Travels in 2020

Last year I managed to take several breaks in the UK and abroad and I absolutely loved it. I visited four countries (two of which I’d never been to before), one new state in the US alongside working part-time and finishing a masters.

It wasn’t easy with a part-time salary and 14 days holiday after my deductions for Christmas, but I managed it. So it’s time to save again and figure out where to go next!

Here’s the top places on my list for this year (and in my budget). All of the trips in Europe are countries I’ve never been too before. I love hopping across to Italy or Paris, but there’s so many hidden gems in Europe. Krakow was the place I discovered last year with my pal Ellie and I’m keen to tick off a few more…

Copenhagen, Denmark

A picturesque weekend in the Danish capital would be pretty ideal right now.

I’m talking pastries and pastel houses, as well as canals, cobbled streets and a bucket load of coffee. I think the hygge lifestyle would suit me, perfect for a long weekend right?

Berlin, Germany

In my travels so far, I’ve never been to Germany, I think this year should be the year. I’d like to go around December time for the Christmas markets for the gorgeous gifts, great food, winter weather = dreamy.

Berlin has lots of culture and history that it seems like a good place to start in Germany. Also on my list for the future would be Cologne and Nuremberg.


Well, as one of my best friends lives here and I’ve never been, I really should (and would LOVE to) visit Gibraltar. After her PGCE graduation in June last year, Franky flew back home to gorgeous Gib and it’s just been way too long, so Franky babe, I’m coming.

Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Greece

Greek island hopping has been on my bucket list for an age (since Mamma Mia came out – yes I know it’s filmed in Croatia) and my bestie and I have decided to go. I’d love to start in Athens before visiting a few islands to really soak up the best culture, food and scenery that Greece has to offer.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin was planned for February, but I’ll go sometime later in the year! I’ve never been to Ireland and really I have no excuse. It’s close, it’s cheap to get to (if you time it right) and it’s home to Guiness, count me in.

Bath, England

I’ve been to Bath before, but not in years. I absolutely love Bath, my Mum went to University there so we’ve been before to do the roman baths, stroll the streets and have a Sally Lunn bun. The usual. I’d like to visit again, take a walk down memory lane and make some new ones too. Also, obvs go to the Jane Austen museum.

Edinburgh, Scotland

I love Edinburgh and I love plays, so I want to go to the fringe as that’s basically all my favourite things in one.

Cotswolds, England

I feel a road trip coming on. A weekend in the Cotswold’s exploring some of England’s quaintest villages sound very relaxing, throw in some walking, pubs and a few runs and I think I’ve got a great weekend of exploring lined up.

Cornwall, England

In the summer, we’re planning to head back to Cornwall. A family favourite, it’ll be nice to be by the sea again. One of my favourite places to visit is Tintagel to see the ruins, soak up the legends, gaze out on the sea and explore the hidden paths.

I will not be going to Land’s End again. The only time I’ve been it was so foggy I could barely see two paces in front of me, so instead I had a cuppa and saw a baby lama. It was a random old day.

I am certainly excited for my travels for 2020.

What are your travel plans for 2020?

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  • Hannah says:

    Copenhagen is beautiful but honestly, it was so expensive for what it was! It is a perfect for a city weekend away but it cost more than I would have expected to pay for a weekend away and I was disappointed by the lack of activities. You might have a completely different experience though!
    I really really want to visit Ireland and it is so stupid I have not because we do live so close to Ireland! Hopefully this year will be the year. xx

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