Um Hello September

It seems like the ironic and right time to write out my September post after doing barely anything I planned to do today and everything I wanted to do instead, wow so dedicated. Yep I only managed to read 50 pages of Moby-Dick one of my American Literature texts for next term, before picking up my kindle to continue reading The Fellowship of the Ring because let’s face it LOTR always trumps whatever else. Lol, Trump LOL. Then I preceding to write more of my novel, rather than the play I’m putting on next month with the UOY’s Drama Society, because priorities right.

I’ve also managed a pitiful 4,000 steps of the 10,000 I should be doing everyday, bc reading requires sitting and walking downstairs to make tea doesn’t require that many steps – who knew?

I also attempted to actually be productive on a Sunday and GO OUT TO DO THINGS, but it failed miserably, so at 2pm I got into pyjamas to do the aforementioned writing of ma novella and hey now this blog post, lucky you. It always feels like maybe I should be doing something more related to my degree, rather than indulging in my own writing but yanoo even if I’m the only person who reads what I write, I enjoy it and I will read that novel when I have actually finished it… if that day ever comes, ah I cry.

So let’s begin after that digression with OH MY DAYS it’s September.

I feel like it’s snuck up and then bamm it’s September, it’s cold so get out those jumpers. It’s literally come out of nowhere, I was in this eternal summer and now only three weeks until third year, how I ask you? How?!

Also on Friday evening just to consolidate the fact it is September Mum asked to watch Elf as it is now an acceptable time of year to do so, fyi it’s always acceptable, but for reals Christmas films already, I was just getting used to warm summer life. Now I have to find my coats, boats and probably invest in a new scarf and shoes as I’m just not so good at buying new shoes until their run into the ground and I am barefoot, oops. I do the same with Micellar Water, which reminds me I have forgotten to buy that today ARGH so will be sleeping in my make-up tonight, good work JB. Might as well have a sign saying spots welcome, as their gonna come now aren’t they, UGH RAGRETS.

Once I get over the shock of it being September I will be a happy lil bean again, as in truth Autumn is my favourite time of year as all those jumpers will be coming out from under my bed, and flavoured latte’s will return to rot my teeth, and lots of goodies I can’t eat as I’m being super healthy will be everywhere YAY. But it will be warm and snug, till I go to York where Autumn lasts around two weeks before all the leaves have fallen and it’s just cold till April. But I’ll be ready for ya York, for one last time *inner crying*.

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