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I am currently compiling together all my photographs (5,000+ of them as we took a lot of photos of the desert as we thought we needed them at the time – we don’t) from my latest family holiday to the US, where we road-tripped from LA, to Vegas, to the Grand Canyon, and then flew to San Francisco.

I have not been able to make more than a bullet point list of everything we’ve done yet, because writing it out in full is gonna take a really longgg time especially because I don’t want to forget the lil fam gems from our adventurous trip so it’s like it’s own lil dissertation just on my hol. But it was AMAZING.

My Mum and brother had never been to America before, and I’d only been to New York so this trip was like nothing we’ve ever done before, it kind of was that once in a lifetime holiday. It was meant to be a trip we took as a four with my Dad, as he’d spent a year in California after his degree on a Christian mission called Innerchange before travelling round the country for a month. It was the holiday we’d always do “next year” when we’d saved up a bit more, or planned it a bit more, but that time never came when Dad was alive.

So we are so grateful that we have had the chance to go this year, and as my Mum is superwoman (despite not knowing her left from her right – yep, and she teaches children lol) she was able to drive across three states, without crashing, or being struck by lightning in an Arizona storm, which trust me was a close one.

We had a fab time exploring each new place across the two weeks, and the climates, food, monuments, walks, shops that each location had to offer, and I’m really hoping I don’t forget it all before I write it down, pls. Including all the public dancing that happened, yep lots o’ that with no alcohol because 2/3 were underage and Mum turned down mimosa’s – a decision she did regret. Anyway, this dreamy trip is one of our best adventures and I will deffo be blogging properly about it soon because America was really cool, and I would 100% recommend going to all the places we went. But if you go to San Francisco in the Summer FYI it’s cold from the sea breeze and you need a jumper. If anyone can go back in time, pls hmu and tell me.

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