January: Week 1


One week done of 2018 already… has anyone else massively failed to transform themselves? Yasss join the club.

Turns out I have not as of yet got out of my Christmas mindset and cravings, I still expect every evening to be filled with prosecco, cheese and many a mince pie, but it seems to just be chicken casserole. Don’t. I. Can’t. Even. It’s not even like we normally have casserole, we’re not 102 and need to drink our food nor are we trying to make our meals feed 12 on rations. So why this is happening I don’t know. Let’s just hope solid food comes back real soon. I have to say I’m starting to agree with several blog posts I’ve read that setting goals in January is plain stupid. You’re bloated, sleepy and cold and so you don’t think yep I’ll get out of my duvet cocoon and go for a run, but ey someone bring me a cuppa and a slice of lemon drizzle while while I contemplate my holiday weight.

Also how on earth am I meant to be productive when Friends has been put on Netflix?? I will be set me back on all my goals this year now. I thought my dissertation was gonna be a struggle before, but MY DAYS am I in for a challenge now folks.

Anyhoo, what has happened this week. Well..

I went to Blakeney with my fam on New Year’s Day and we stayed at one of my favourite places on earth the Blakeney Hotel. It’s a very luxurious one and we had potentially the nicest room in the whole hotel looking out onto the estuary. It was the perfect way to start the year, walking round the village and writing our resolutions on napkins as we had dinner, before reading our books with coffee and truffles in the lounge.

After being separated from my uni pals for several weeks I am having withdrawal symptoms ngl, but I managed to sneak in many a phone call with Becca this week, which has kept us sane. It also reminded me to get my ass in gear and crank up my work ethic again, before the work hits me like lil B next Monday.

Ahh I’ve also finished my lovely job now; I was chaperone the youth groups in the Peterborough Pantomime this year and had an absolute ball looking after some fantastic and talented young people. It reminded me of what being 13 was like again, and how old I now am *single tear*.

Oh cute note, I’ve also seen my Nan and Aunty a lot this week and since I don’t usually see them during term time it’s been nice to spend more time together over Christmas. Especially since growing up I practically stayed at my Nan’s every few weeks, even during GCSE’s, going back there today was like going back in time. It’s wonderful.

Not gone so well…

I haven’t read every day, which was one of my resolutions *sigh* but I have read a book this week, so I’ve started my resolution of reading a book every week for the whole year and it was one of my all time faves, Pride and Prejudice. So disclaimer it was for my dissertation and perhaps wasn’t as enjoyable as reading a book ordinarily as I was on high alert for any key points which I manically scribbled down, but oh well. Yep, aiming to read 52 books this year, which may seem extreme but I probably read about that much anyway and don’t even realise it. I also have tons of books to read, I’m a book whore what can I say.

I’ve also spent more money in 7 days than I did in all December, so yep, saving money went really well. But sales end soon right so no more temptation… I hope…

Lessons learnt this week: The time is going to pass anyway, I should make it count.

Note to future self: Don’t lose track of time. I seem to have lil time black outs, where it goes from 1pm to 5pm in a matter of moments, I’m hoping this isn’t just me. A quick “ooh I’ll just check Instagram” ends up being an hour long scroll back on Beth Sandland’s 2015 photos, and reading Hannah Gale’s recommendations on her blog from 2013. Also budget better, pls ty to you.

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