January: Week 2

Two weeks down, only 50 to go, where is the year going? It’s practically over already. But I have finally had a productive week, THANK GOD, as I had about 358498 things to do before I moved back to chilly-ass York today. And I’m pleasantly surprised by how many of them I’ve done. I think a lot of productivity this week was down to removing distractions, I left my phone in another room, worked in hour chunks with 10 min loo & tea-refill/dog-wee/dog-cuddle breaks, and did all my work by hand. If I’m on my laptop within moments I’ll be on my emails, or Instagram and then be reading an article about what Steph Claire Smith eats for lunch. It’s not so useful in the long run. SO, to summarise munchkins.

Highlights…. I finally watched Star Wars, and I bloody loved it. Carrie Fisher is everything as is Daisy Ridley.

I continued re-reading Harry Potter; I started to re-read the whole series last year and read one and the first chapter of HP2. And I’ve finally read the rest of Chamber of Secrets and now onto Azkaban. Good ol’ JK.

I had another belated Christmas with my Aunty, Uncle and cousin today in York. Then we went into all the HP shops on the shambles – there are now three, 3!!! – and then went to the Christmas shop and got real sad about how long it is until Christmas again. We’ve decided it will start on Dec 1st this year, decs, mince pies an’ all.

Some of my Dad’s old work friends came round who we haven’t seen for several years; it was great to see them again. My dad was as mad as a box of frogs, and all of his friends are too, best way to be.

Unexpected Adventure… Mum and I went for lunch at The George in Stamford, after we couldn’t find a parking space to go into the centre. Worked out v v well ey? I’d never been in the Garden room before, it was gorgeous. The food is incredible!

Book of the week… This week I’ve actually read four books – just a few more than my one-book-a-week goal – but my favourite was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets obvs, followed closely by Emma, which is quickly becoming one of my favourite Austen novels EVER.

Grateful for…  COOKIES, and family friends.

Note to future self… Plan out your day of work, take away distractions, don’t buy a bag of four cookies as you’ll eat them all before the night is out.

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