Why I love Sighh Designs

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So, one of my all time fave shops reopened on Friday with new merchandise (yay), it is the one and only Sighh Designs.

I have bought bits from Sighh for ages now, first with the Roses phone case, then some stickers and stationary including the Weekly Budget book and Let’s do this revision timetable that I use all the time at university.

When I wanted to mix it up with a new phonecase I also bought the polka dot one, and loved that too. They’re fabb, endurable and the designs are so creative.

I have followed Sighh and Polly Vadasz, the creator of Sighh Designs for years on Instagram, pre Polly going to University, yep that’s right before she even went to uni and set up her own business… and I’ve done what exactly in that time? Oh yep nothing.

ANYWAY. I love how creative all of her ideas are, how relevant they are to student life, and how they help you feel sassy and motivated for everyday life yanoo. She’s also done a very cute quirky plant range that all plant mummas should check out.

But what did I get this time?

Well I bought some motivational laptop stickers. I’ve bought some of her stickers before – and I’m talking like two years ago – and I still use them everyday, they just seem to last forever. I also got some pins, the Create pin and her newest pin that she designed for Book and Quills of a little book, which will look fab on my tote when I’m going to the library with all my books. It’ll also probably distract me from my work now and then as I’ll just think of how cute they are.

I’ve also ordered the veggies phone case, which may seem odd as I’m a HUGE meat eater, but it was too nice to not get it! I mean the veggies have faces for crying out loud, they’re practically Miranda’s Veggie-Pals, and who doesn’t need those in their life right?

So f you haven’t already been on Sighh designs, then check it out right now because they sell fantastic things (and sell out fast). We also all need more reasons to procrastinate and buy things so go for it, treat your self to some Sighh designs stationary.

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