I’m Jess Bacon a twenty-two year old, day-dreaming editor, and this is my blog, where I chat about my adventures e.g. life, travels, work, writing and the daunting transition from full-time student into full-time adult. *Internal screams*

It occurred to me a few years ago that the best and worst things in life are unexpected, and a whole bunch of adventures are born out of that… as well as many tears, snacks and laughs.

So who am I?

I’m living in my home town Peterborough after I graduated from the University of York last summer with an English Literature degree. Also, as I’m in denial that I’m old enough to leave education I am currently doing a Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Leicester.

During the week, I work as an Editor of a few home renovation magazines. It is the actual dream. I’m still unsure how I got the position, but I am very thankful for it. Feel free to take a glance at my work on a self-build magazine, Your Build. 

I love to write, read, travel, gym, and most of all spend time with my friends and family, and well just be my crazy self.

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