Jess Bacon about


I’m a Jess, a 25-year-old English graduate with a passion for story-telling in all its forms. As a freelance film & TV journalist, screenwriter and creative writer, I’m keen to tell my own and other people’s stories through my words, photos and film.

After I finished university and entered the 9-5 life with a job at a small publishers as Features Editor of interiors, architecture and lifestyle magazines. Fast forward and I’m a freelancer with four years professional experience as a journalist, copywriter, sub-editor and digital marketing whizz. 

This little corner of the internet captures the unexpected twists and turns of my life and the new paths and adventures they’ve led me on. You’ll find discussions about grief, mental health, adulthood, as well as my latest reads and watches – and everything in between. 

Alongside spending too much time in fictional worlds, I’m also an avid reader, dog-lover, day-dreamer and shower-singer. In my free time, I work on my YA fantasy novel, as well as see family, friends and as much of the world as I can afford. 

As featured on BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Community Radio, as well as spoken at The Good Grief Festival and on podcasts such as The Grief Gang, Speak On and That Fangirl Life.