I’m Jess Bacon a twenty-three year old, writer, day-dreamer, and dog-lover and and this is my blog where I chat about my unexpected adventures e.g. life, travels, work, writing and the daunting transition from full-time student into full-time adult. Adult still pending.

It occurred to me a few years ago that the best and worst things in life are unexpected, and a whole bunch of adventures are born out of that… as well as many tears, snacks and laughs. So, I thought I’d document them.

So who am I?

I’m living in my home town Peterborough after I graduated from my Masters in Creative Writing in January. I’m still in denial that I’m old enough to be out of education, but we’ll roll with it… for now.

During the week I work full-time in Marketing at Cambridge University Press in, you guessed it, Cambridge.

I love to write, read, travel, run and most of all spend time with my friends and family, and be my crazy self.