Who am I?

I’m Jess, I’m 19, 5 ft 4 (yes, I’m practically Hobbit sized) and a student at the University of York. I am just going into my second term of second year of my English degree. I love to read (duh), act, write, travel, spend time with family and friends, and take photographs.

When I’m not at University I work at the front of house at my local theatre, which is almost too stereotypical as an aspiring actress. I spend most of my time friends, seeing family, impromptu house parties, and generally just trying to enjoy my freedom as much as I can, just on a student budget, of course (sigh).

On my blog I will also write about university, places I’ve been and life’s general adventures, and charity work I do with Sue Ryder in memory of my Dad who passed away three and a half years ago from a Brain Tumour.