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My thoughts on films and TV series I’ve been watching recently, including my top Netflix binges, Disney + guilty pleasures and what I’m streaming on Amazon Prime.

Netflix guide to New York

A Netflix Guide to New York

8th January 2021

As we won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, I thought it was time to make the most of the films and TV on our go-to lockdown BBF Netflix. Have you ever been to the big Apple? Or is New York on your bucket list? Either way, I’m 100% with you. I’ve been twice and I […]

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what I've read and watched in June

What I’ve Read and Watched in June

2nd July 2020

Well, June has been and gone somehow and now it’s time to share what I’ve read and watched over the month.  As always I feel as though I’ve only made a small dent in my ‘to be read’ and ‘to be watched’ list. Yet I have read some brilliant books and watched some great films […]

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what I've read in May

What I’ve read and watched in May

31st May 2020

When I was thinking about what I’ve read and watched in May, I realised I haven’t actually finished a book this month. My habit of half reading a book has returned. There’s just so many good books to read at the moment! My brain cannot cope or focus on just one, so I’ve flit between […]

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Binge-worthy TV shows to Watch in Lockdown

2nd April 2020

With extra time on our hands, everyone and their Mum is looking for TV, film and book recommendations. Myself included. I’ve binged a few series, subscribed to Disney+ (read more about my nostalgic love for it here) and started Friends from the beginning, as why not? Whilst I am diving head first into Marvel movies, […]

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men replace women in films

Should women replace men in film?

29th June 2018

It has become a trend in recent years to remake films that are heavily-dominated with male actors, to include more female characters, but should women replace men in film? Sometimes the male characters are just given to a female actor as opposed to writing new ones for them, such as in Doctor Who or Ghostbusters. […]

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My Favourite Christmas Films

19th December 2017

Tis the season to be jolly and the opportunity to re-watch your favourite Christmas films. It’s the time of year when it’s acceptable to be a Hobbit, stay in, snuggle up in an armchair and eat as many meals as you can justify with mince pies in between. One of the best parts of the […]

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Howards End

3rd December 2017

I knew absolutely nothing about Howards End before the BBC mini-series began, and in all honesty I only watched it for Hayley Atwell and Matthew MacFayden. They are two of my favourite actors, and they have played some of my favourite characters including Peggy Carter and Mr Darcy. But it is the most wonderful story, […]

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