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what I've read in May

What I’ve read and watched in May

31st May 2020

When I was thinking about what I’ve read and watched in May, I realised I haven’t actually finished a book this month. My habit of half reading a book has returned. There’s just so many good books to read at the moment! My brain cannot cope or focus on just one, so I’ve flit between […]

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Binge-worthy TV shows

2nd April 2020

With extra time on our hands, everyone and their Mum is looking for TV, film and book recommendations. Myself included. I’ve binged a few series, subscribed to Disney+ (read more about my nostalgic love for it here) and started Friends from the beginning, as why not? Whilst I am diving head first into Marvel movies, […]

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Double Bubble Tea House, Peterborough

18th March 2020

I was kindly invited to have afternoon tea at the Double Bubble Tea House with my Mum. While this was gifted, I had no obligation to write a blog post, just take photos to share on social media. As bubble tea novices, we asked Klara and Karen for their tea recommendations. Mum had the mint […]

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The Power of Musicals

26th February 2020

Musicals have a strong power over me. They make me laugh, cry, feel more than I do in my own life in that moment – whether that’s love, disappointment, joy, fear, anger. When I listen to a musical soundtrack I will get lost in the story, usually belting it out until my body begins to […]

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