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Bridget Jones was never fat, she was insecure about her body

9th April 2021

This week it was the 20th Anniversary of Bridget Jones’s Diary and we need to set the record straight: Bridget Jones was never fat, she was insecure about her body.  The film struck a chord with women around the world from Bridget’s big pants to her obsession with bettering herself, but it hasn’t aged well.  Society (mainly her mother) told […]

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weight loss and gain

Why does weight gain and weight loss still make headlines?

19th November 2020

Even in 2020, the year of the Australian bush fires, Coronavirus, police brutality against black men and women including the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, Black Lives Matter, Biden’s win, Trump’s incapacity to concede, scrambling together a Brexit deal, why are celebrities weight loss and gain still being given a headline?  And more […]

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eating disorders Hope Virgo

Eating Disorder Recovery with Hope Virgo

13th November 2020

Hope Virgo is an author, speaker and campaigner for mental health and eating disorder recovery and body image. Hope works with young people at school and university to ensure they’re given the language, support and tools to understand eating disorders and break eating habits.  Here, Hope shares her story and offers advice on how to […]

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check your boobs

It’s time to check your boobs!

19th October 2020

My peaches it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and this is your reminder to check your boobs! That’s right, we’re going to chat about those lumps on bumps that we don’t talk about. Similar to mental health, there seems to be a section of our physical health that has a slight taboo around it; the […]

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the art of self love

How to learn the art of self-love

22nd June 2020

The art of self-love isn’t something that you have or don’t have, it’s a skill that you practice and develop. Spoiler alert, I don’t love myself or my body everyday. Most days, I don’t wake up with the confidence and self-assurance of Shakira (even though my hips don’t lie) instead I slip into old habits […]

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12 weeks to go until the half marathon

5th January 2020

Just like that it’s 12 weeks until my half marathon. Yep, in 12 weeks time I’ll be stood on the start line and hopefully the race will actually start this time! (It bloody better). Post-Christmas training is going to be a slight shock to my system as for a while my trainers just sat in […]

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Winter skin care routine | Body

22nd December 2019

I thought I’d share my skin care routine as I am one of those unlucky souls who has dry skin, which as you can imagine gets much worse during winter. I apply body butter pretty much daily and I’m the Queen of a deep body scrub. After doing a guide of my skincare I thought […]

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My Winter Skin Care Routine

21st December 2019

*Some of these items are gifted* I have a really good winter skin care routine as my skin becomes so dry, all the moisture is just sucked out of it from September onwards. But I can also have super oily skin by the evenings – how eh? Then add in the daily advent calendar chocolate […]

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