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I thought I’d share my skin care routine as I am one of those unlucky souls who has dry skin, which as you can imagine gets much worse during winter.

I apply body butter pretty much daily and I’m the Queen of a deep body scrub.

After doing a guide of my skincare I thought I’d do the same for my body, as this is my year round routine.

Shea Body Scrub, The Body Shop

After hopping in the shower, I exfoliate with The Body Shop’s Shea exfoliating sugar scrub. The best way to apply this product (in my opinion) is during a bath using the bath gloves, as you can get a deep exfoliation of the skin with the addition of the texture of the gloves on the scrub.

Shower Gel

Now Shower Gel wise, I’m not too fussy. I’m usually a £1 Radox kinda gal now, as well, money doesn’t grow on trees my peaches. It also smells fresh and fragrant, in fact it’s so nice, my boyfriend steals mine and ignores his manly smelling Radox alternative. Resolution for 2020 is to stop buying his at all, he only uses it once we’ve run out of mine!

Shaving foam, Satin Care

I never really appreciate how good Women’s shaving foam is until I’m caught without it. I always use the Gillette Satin Care Sensitive Shaving Gel as it’s leaves my skin really hydrated after shaving.

Women’s Razor, Gillette

I used to use men’s razors as they’re cheaper and have more blades so work really well. But I have to say, I wouldn’t go back to men’s razors now.

Yes, they work, yes, they’re cheaper, BUT the Embrace Sensitive Gillette Razor is so so good. I’ve never cut myself (though I rarely do now) and it has aloe vera above and below the blade to make it extra soft on sensitive skin.

It’s pricey as you have to buy the razor and then the new blades as well, but it’s a good investment.

It’s also really good for those awkward angles, just saying.

Baby Powder, Johnson’s

You might be thinking eh? But it helps keep skin soft and hydrated after shaving, this was a life hack given to me by one of my pals. It’s changed my life.

Shea Body Butter, The Body Shop

I swear by this body butter. If I can’t be bothered with all the products above, just good ol’ shower gel and body butter will be my super fast attempt at skincare.

It’s for extra dry skin, which mine probably isn’t, but it is the most hydrating body butter as a result. The smell is also the stuff of dreams. I also like to buy the same scrub as body butter (and shower gel if the budget allows – spoiler, it usually doesn’t) as the smells and products compliment each other.

What does your winter skincare routine consist of?

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