Friendships & Relationships

All juicy and non-juicy, but slightly political aspects about relationships with boys, pals, fam and myself.

The dream team: Team Bacon

9th February 2020

One of the things I’m very grateful for is my family, better known as Team Bacon. In Addenbrooks hospital when my Dad was diagnosed with brain cancer, he said, “We’re Team Bacon, Team Bacon can get through anything.”  That pretty much sums up my Dad; a ridiculous sense of optimism in an annoying but charming […]

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If only in my dreams…

19th November 2019

There is nothing worse than empty chairs round the Christmas table; reminders of those you’ve loved and lost. It might be your first Christmas, your fifth, your twenty-fifth, without them. Flashed by in a sparkly tinsel blur. It’s our seventh Christmas this year without my Dad. We used to morbidly joke that each year our […]

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I have to live with a boy

1st August 2019

Tomorrow I am moving in with my boyfriend, Dan. Aghhhh.  I’m feeling all the Monica feels as “I have to live with a boy!” My Mum is treating it like the end of an era, even though technically I moved out four years ago for uni and then just moved back for a bit post […]

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Love Yo’self

14th February 2019

Yes like it or not, it’s Valentine’s Day. I personally love V day, single or in a relationship, it is a time to treat yo’self to some love, and it’s also a strong reminder to appreciate the people you love. Yes, we shouldn’t need a reminder, and a 99p card and a rose doesn’t equate […]

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The Balancing Act

29th January 2019

One of the hardest things about any type of relationship whether that is with a friend, family member, partners, co-worker, is finding a balance. The balance between the amount of effort, time, the quality of both of the time and effort that each person puts in to avoid a one-sided relationship. Yet, it often happens. We’ve […]

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We get it, you’re busy.

1st December 2018

It’s no secret that we are all super, duper, friggin busy. The kinda busy where the phrase “I’m free three weeks on Thursday” is very normal, and something I would never want to change. I love that my friends and family are living their own lives and aiming for their own goals, keep hustling along […]

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My 21st Birthday in Pictures

24th October 2018

Again, this feels like ages ago, because, OH WAIT IT WAS. Yep back in March I very apprehensively turned 21. In fairness, it is a great age and I am LOVING it – despite the adult responsibilities, endless workload and constant googling of how everyday things work, such as credit score. Anyhoo, my 21st began […]

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I charge you, O women.

29th January 2017

I know so many needy women. Women who rely on men to make them feel better, to drive them around, to give them the status of being in a relationship, to give them the stability and comfort that comes with being in a relationship. Women who need constant support, women who basically need a counsellor, […]

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