How do you make new friends as an adult?

After school or University it becomes more difficult to make new friends. Sure, there’s the opportunity to make friends at work, but since I went freelance (and moved home again) I’ve realised how difficult it is to make new friends as an adult. I mean, where do you meet them?

And obviously the coronavirus has only made the circumstances worse. Also, don’t get me wrong, I have wonderful friends… they just live too far away (sad times). We’re now scattered across the country and I can’t pop round for a mid-week meal out due to the three to four hour round trip. I miss the days of meeting up ten minutes after messaging at University, I’d even love to be able to do weekends away or day trips. Oh, the pre-rona life. If I could convince them all to move closer or us all to move to a city and live round the corner from each other, all my problems would be solved – wouldn’t that be such a dream??

And whilst all of those reunions, day trips, weekends away, drunken nights are coming (very soon we hope) as lockdown eases I’m reminded how much I miss having local friends. I luckily have a few friends who live about 30 minutes away, but we still can’t really do a pop to the pub on a weeknight after work. I have been feeling lonely on and off throughout the pandemic (haven’t we all?) but since things have opened up again after lockdown, I’ve not really done that much yet, as most people live too far away.

After chatting about it on Instagram, so many people messaged me to say they felt the same. They’d moved home or to a new city in the pandemic and didn’t have local friends anymore. We’re all longing to be reunited with our long distanced pals whilst simultaneously wishing we had someone to pop to the local with on a weeknight. PS if all your friends are local, you are living the dream. But this whole situation raises an important question…

How do you make new friends as an adult?

Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions for this on Instagram as I had very few (read one)

Sports club (running, swimming etc.) 

I know several people who have joined local hockey or running clubs and absolutely loved the social side as much as the group exercise. If there was a sport you loved growing up, it might be worth checking out if there’s a club in your local area. I’d recommend doing a little Facebook or Google search.


This is a great option actually as you’re helping others whilst simultaneously socialising, working with and meeting new people. Now charities have reopened, they’ll probably be looking for more volunteers so keep your eyes peeled at any local opportunities that come up on their website or even contact them yourself.

Community clubs (dance, walks, drama) 

Local clubs are always a winner aren’t they? It’s where you meet likeminded people of all different ages and you get to do something you love as well. During the pandemic it’s been harder to get involved with these activities as they’ve either not happened or simply been moved online for the regulars. Check out if the club you want to join has a FB group or page you can like or be added to so you can keep up to date and join in with activities when they do reopen.

Social Media 

I have made friends through social media, so I wasn’t too surprised that other people had too. Social is a great tool for so many things, from making friends to sharing your passion to starting a business. It’s a great way to find your tribe. Don’t be embarrassed about messaging people to see if they’d like to meet up if you’re nearby and you have been following each other for a while, it could be the start of a great friendship!

Bumble BFF 

I’ve never used this before, but from what I’ve seen it works exactly the same as Bumble. You match with people nearby who might have the same interests as you, seems easy enough right?


This is a very popular and obvious choice and I have made a lot of lovely new friends from my jobs. If you’re at a large company look out for mentorship programmes, lunch time groups or clubs that you can get involved with. At my previous corporate job there was even a social committee which ran tons of events, so it’s worth checking out if your place of work does the same. If not, maybe speak to a couple of colleagues about starting one? As we all know we could use it!

If you’re religious, go to your local place of worship 

If you are religious then this is a wonderful thing to do. Join your local place of worship and meet likeminded people, there might even be weekend or afternoon courses to attend for young people.

Do you have any tips for making friends as an adult?

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