Mental Health

If you broke your leg you’d talk about it right? See a doctor, get some rest, take it easy. Well mental health is the same. Talking about it has always made it less overwhelming and isolating for me. Take comfort in we’re all imperfect and just doing our best. Be kind.

talk about cancer

Losing a Parent to Cancer shattered my Mental Health

4th February 2021

Today is Time to Talk Day and World Cancer Day, which is slightly ironic considering my Dad’s death from Cancer is what unlocked a lot of mental health problems for me.  My Dad was training for his first sprint triathlon, ran most days before work and was the fittest person I knew. He was diagnosed […]

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My failures in 2020 and what they’ve taught me

29th December 2020

I believe you learn more failure than success, and whilst (this year especially) it’s worth remembering the good, you should also remind yourself of what you’ve overcome and what you’ve learnt from your experiences. Recently I finished Elizabeth Day‘s Failosophy a handbook on how to process failures in your life, and it reminded me that […]

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finding a positive

How to find a positive in dark times

21st December 2020

It’s a bloody tough time, there’s no dressing it up.  Saving lives is always the priority, but it doesn’t make the new that ‘Christmas is cancelled’ is incredibly disappointing, after it was promised only a few days before. It shouldn’t have been promised in the first place, it’s all a shambles really. I don’t think any […]

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London pandemic

Why I moved out of London in the pandemic

20th December 2020

I feel as though I crept back home from London ahead of the second lockdown in the pandemic without really mentioning why or what happened. It wasn’t intentional to keep it quiet, I just focused on settling back in at home after the lockdown rules changed than explain any of those decisions – despite being […]

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How to mentally prepare for a second lockdown

2nd November 2020

As if by some Halloween nightmare, the coronavirus has come back to haunt us with a second lockdown. And whilst it was inevitable to some extent, it has left us all feeling disheartened at the delay and disruption of moving forward in this pandemic.  Second lockdown brings it’s own challenges. This time round we have […]

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woman having a bad day

7 Practical things that help on a bad day

5th October 2020

When you’re having a bad day with your mental health it is hard to bring yourself out of that mood and mindset. After years of practice, I’ve thankfully managed to figure out a bank of things I can rely on to lift me out of that headspace.  As the thing is while we want to […]

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anxious about the future

10 ways to combat feeling anxious about the future

21st September 2020

My anxiety returned this weekend with a vengeance. I’ve been quite lucky that throughout the pandemic I’ve had a routine, regular work and I’ve been healthy as have my family. But everything feels a bit more uncertain now; I’m feeling anxious due to some news we had last week at work.  When I feel anxious […]

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overcome depression dark

Do you ever overcome Depression?

11th August 2020

I’ve often wondered if you can ever fully overcome depression. At the age of 19 I was formally diagnosed with depression and told I’d been depressed for around four years.  It wasn’t a surprise, it was reassuring in all honesty, as it confirmed that there wasn’t anything inherently wrong with me. I was depressed and […]

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