Mental Health

If you broke your leg you’d talk about it right? See a doctor, get some rest, take it easy. Well mental health is the same. Talking about it has always made it less overwhelming and isolating for me. Take comfort in we’re all imperfect and just doing our best. Be kind.

What will you do?

13th June 2016

It seems like a lifetime ago that Josh and I recorded a promotional video for the Thorpe Hall appeal that asked ‘What will you do?’ Our actual experience in Thorpe Hall seems both distant and near, it’s one of those periods in your life that you can recall with great clarity, however remembering it now, […]

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Cancer, Cornettos, Kindness

16th February 2016

The C word. Not particularly a scary word once you’ve encountered it and unfortunately everyone is touched by it at some point in their life. For me, it was my Dad, my hero, 1/4 of the family team. It’s two years since he passed away and three years since he was diagnosed with brain cancer, […]

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