Mental Health

If you broke your leg you’d talk about it right? See a doctor, get some rest, take it easy. Well mental health is the same. Talking about it has always made it less overwhelming and isolating for me. Take comfort in we’re all imperfect and just doing our best. Be kind.

Just Keep Swimming

23rd January 2019

January is the month we dive head first into everything; fitness, health, work, personal goals, organising and decluttering our life. It’s the time when we all simultaneously try and do everything we want to. For me, this is what that has looked like so far: Wake up, Sudoku, shower, breakfast, make my salad for lunch, […]

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A Functional Sad Day 

8th October 2018

You’ve probably read the title thinking I’m sorry, what? Well my peaches, if you’d told me 5 years ago I’d feel sad sometimes (about life, but also relating to losing my Dad) but then get over it and get on with my day, I would have been like, Sure thing Susan and returned to my Friends-filled-hibernation. […]

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Life post-uni: Anxiety

16th July 2018

University brought so many amazing things into my life, as well as hangovers, many an existential crisis and my awareness of the price of food. It also brought some other lil things, like friends, parties, mems for life and sadly brain fog & its gal pal anxiety. I’d never really had anxiety beforehand, not like I’d […]

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Loneliness encourages Loneliness

6th June 2018

For me the hardest thing about feeling lonely is admitting it to myself, and to others. I can never bring myself to say, “please could we meet up today, as I’m feeling quite lonely”. I avoid doing it at all costs, even though I know from experience it always helps. I don’t like to admit […]

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For Real? #2

3rd June 2018

Recently I’ve had a little bit of a revelation, it began the moment I finished my dissertation. I began to think about the events to follow and all the outfits that I would have to wear to them. I was anxious about how I’d look in certain things after yanoo eating chocolate every day for […]

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World Mental Health Day

10th October 2017

We are lucky to live in a time when mental health is considered to be as important – if not more important than physical health – rather than it being treated as a taboo subject or a it’s-all-in-your-head-get-over-it problem that mental health sufferers have faced in the past. Yay well done humans for evolving, took […]

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Hello Anxiety

11th September 2017

Hello there anxiety, my unwelcome friend. How delightful you’re visiting again, said no one ever. Anxiety is an invisible part of ourselves that may choose to control us. But who’s choice is it that anxiety is in control? Yours. I struggle with this answer, because I do suffer with anxiety now and again, and during […]

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The Reality of Living in an Instant Society

8th September 2017

We live in the age of fad diets, quick fixes, instant messenger, social networking, 24/7 live news updates; everything we want to know, do, see, read, be, we are told we can instantly have. This is ingrained in us, text that person now to see if they’re on campus, who was that in the film […]

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6th May 2017

I drove on the road I always drive on, going I’m not sure where while the sun sets over York. I decide that rather than turn around to no plans and an empty room that I continue on that road until I reach the sea. Drive several miles and reach Scarborough. Then I’ll feel better, […]

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