10 ways to combat feeling anxious about the future

My anxiety returned this weekend with a vengeance. I’ve been quite lucky that throughout the pandemic I’ve had a routine, regular work and I’ve been healthy as have my family. But everything feels a bit more uncertain now; I’m feeling anxious due to some news we had last week at work. 

When I feel anxious about the future, I look for comfort and security in things such as books and good old fashioned forms of self-care. 

The issue is that sometimes we have to do other things to do as well, such as work. So we have to pull ourselves together to some extent to fit our self care and anxiety around our responsibilities, which is always really difficult. 

At this point I think the fact that none of us have been on holiday this year is understandably taking it’s toll. Perhaps we should all have an early Christmas to recover? 

The other thing is, we’re worried about the future as it is more out of our control than ever. We’re told if we can or cannot see our friends, we don’t know if we’ll ever go on holiday again abroad anytime soon or if someone will stock up and leave us without toilet rolls again.

Yet as Bad Luhrman said: ‘Worrying about the future is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum. The real troubles in your life will always be things that never crossed your worried mind.” 

That quote is without a doubt one of my favourites and it’s used in one of my favourite films, About Time. The message of the film (if you haven’t watched the Richard Curtis classic) is that whilst Tim can travel in time, he tries not to, and instead he tries to live everyday to the fullest as though it’s his last. 

Whilst it would be incredibly irritating to be all sunshine and rainbows all the time, it would also be ashame to waste our one life worrying about what could happen or whether we’ve made the right decisions. 

And the thing is most decisions seem enormous and bizarre in a pandemic, as we’re so exhausted from just getting through the day. My point being ride out the anxiety where you can and give yourself some credit, as actually you’re doing your best.

10 things that help combat feeling anxious about the future:

  1. Watch one of your favourite films. For me it’s got to be any Marvel or fantasy film to escape into. If you need some recommendations I have some here.
  2. Read a book you love. I know your to be read pile is long, but revisit one of your favourite stories. If you loved it the first time you’ll probably find even more things to love this time. You can find many book recommendations here.
  3. Music. Create a playlist of your favourite songs and have it on in the background whatever you’re doing. It’s guaranteed to boost your mood. 
  4. Get ready for the day. For me this looks like, getting dressed, doing my make as putting it helps me feel ready for the day. 
  5. Skincare routine. Do your skincare routine in full, take your time, maybe add in a face mask. You’ll feel much better for cleansing, trust me! 
  6. Gratitude list. Write a list of things your grateful for. It can be anything big or small, my laptop is always included on my list, along with my family and friends. 
  7. Talk to People. I struggle with this sometimes, but admitting how you feel and talking about what’s worrying you will elevate some of the overthinking that may happen if you don’t. 
  8. Go for a walk. Getting outdoors can really help clear your head and level off some of your anxiety. It definitely does for me. 
  9. Focus on what you can control. 
  10. Socialise – anything to get you engaging with other people (or dogs) and bringing you out of your own thoughts. 

Are you anxious about the future? What helps you when you’re feeling this way?

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  • Hannah says:

    Love all of these suggestions! I love watching feel-good TV shows and movies whenever I am feeling sad and/or anxious – it helps take my mind off of whatever I am worrying about. xx

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