Following my personal and professional life as a twenty-something muddling her way through life post-university.

come back from a burnout

How do you come back after a burnout?

7th April 2021

Burnout is one of those buzz words that’s meaning has been watered down as we’ve used it so much during the pandemic. But we haven’t had our typical coping mechanisms; the spontaneous drinks or meals after work or weekends away to break up the day to day at work, so burnout is inevitable as the […]

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23 things I’ve learnt at 23

17th March 2021

I wasn’t sure if I needed to write about what I learnt at 23 after I read my post from last year about what I’d learnt at 22 which is full of slightly profound and pessimistic truths. I wrote that post after my break up (which I’ve written a bit about here) when I was […]

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let women walk alone

Women Should be able to Walk Alone in 2021

15th March 2021

On the night Sarah Everard’s body was found I went to bed thinking about Sarah and how every woman I know struggles to walk alone or exist anywhere. Every woman I know has a story about a man who has verbally and physically harassed them. Sometimes it was online, on a date, while sharing a […]

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freelance in the pandemic

An Honest Reflection on my first two months freelance

23rd February 2021

It’s been over two months now since I quit my 9-5 job as a Marketing Executive and went freelance as a writer, content creator and social media consultant. The first month passed by in a tinsel-filled blur, the second has been filled with work (thankfully) so I’m only just getting round to writing about this […]

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how to start a blog

How to Start a Blog

9th February 2021

Blogging is one of those things that people either love or forget exists until you need to learn how to do something and a photo on Pinterest just doesn’t quite cut it. With the rise of video content, words have to some extent been left behind. But book sales have never been higher and well, […]

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how to start a podcast

How to start a podcast

15th January 2021

I get asked ‘how do you start a podcast?’ all the time, so I thought I’d compile my best advice for all of you budding beans that want to start a podcast this year. Last August I started my podcast The Guide to Life After University to help young people navigate life after graduation. I’ve […]

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Netflix guide to New York

A Netflix Guide to New York

8th January 2021

As we won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, I thought it was time to make the most of the films and TV on our go-to lockdown BBF Netflix. Have you ever been to the big Apple? Or is New York on your bucket list? Either way, I’m 100% with you. I’ve been twice and I […]

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side hustle alongside full time job

How to run a side hustle alongside a full-time job

25th November 2020

Most people I know have a side hustle, side project or passion alongside their full-time job. In fact it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t dabble in something different in their free time. Whether it’s campaigning for charities, undertaking a sport on a professional level or running a small business, writing, painting, designing, we’re all […]

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