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graduation two years on

7 Life Changing attitudes to adopt after Graduation

28th July 2020

Today marks two years since my BA graduation from the University of York. In some ways, I can hardly believe it was two years ago, but at the same time, it feels like a lifetime ago.  After all, so much has happened.  It’s easy with any stage of life to reflect and form a checklist in your […]

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side hustle

How to successfully have a side hustle

21st July 2020

Most people I know have a side hustle alongside their day job. It usually relates to one of their passions and allows them to have some creative freedom to do whatever they want! If you don’t know, I work full-time in Marketing at a publishers in Cambridge. Yet, alongside my job I: Run this blog […]

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English degree after university

What can you do with an English Degree after University?

9th July 2020

It’s the big question that most English students ask themselves, after three years of reading relevant (and irrelevant) books, what do you do with an English degree after university? Most people think that all English students have learn to do is leisurely read books as they overstay their welcome in coffee shops. I wish it […]

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starting over after a break up

Is a break up an ending or a new beginning?

7th July 2020

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know that in January I went through a break up.  It was tough and it wasn’t my decision to end the relationship, but I know now that it was the right decision. I wrote about how the break up initially felt like a failure here and how […]

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