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what to pack for the ultimate staycation in lockdown

What to pack for a 12 week staycation

10th April 2020

It’s adios to holidays abroad and outside of your home in 2020 and the emergence of the ultimate staycation – 12 weeks inside your own home. It’s a staycation for the nation. We’re all getting away for the Easter weekend to our homes, catching rays on our daily walk, in the garden or getting creative […]

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30 things to be grateful for.

26th March 2020

The world is a bit scary and overwhelming due to the pandemic and being in lockdown so it’s good to focus on the small things that you’re grateful for as I’m sure that there are many. I am working from home for the foreseeable future, but I have a space to work from, a job […]

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What the fork?

20th March 2020

I was going to do a Friday feeling post, but what the fork is going on? It doesn’t feel like a Friday, it feels like a long Wednesday at this point, especially if you wfh. I’m not the first to say it, but in true The Good Place style I’m asking you, what the fork […]

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10 ways to improve working from home

19th March 2020

For the forseeable future, most of us will be working from home day in day out without the release of a mini-getaway or splash of sun abroad. We’ve rapidly moved into work at home, live at home and please try not to leave your home, ok? It’s a strange and slightly worrying time for us […]

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Highlights of Boston & Cape Cod

18th March 2020

With a beautiful harbour and a vibrant city, Boston is the ideal city and sea break. Last summer I spent a few days in Boston, before we drove down to idyllic Cape Cod. Large wooden beam houses set back from the road with a porch and a tree swing, Hyannis replicated a traditional American movie […]

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new year new career

New Year, New Career

28th February 2020

Well it’s a new year and the start of a new career. January is the time for new beginnings. 365 days to write. Towards the end of last year, I decided I want to find a new job. I enjoyed being an Editor, but it was time for a new challenge. I’m not really a […]

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I'm so glad it's friday

I’m so glad it’s the weekend

31st January 2020

So this isn’t my usual Friday feeling, but I’m so glad it’s the weekend. I feel as though I could sleep for 12 hours right about now. I’m exhausted from my new job, new commute and meeting a whole bunch of new lovely people. It’s been great, but new things are tiring, as are earlier […]

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The end of an era

24th January 2020

This week has been filled with tears, for many reasons, as it is the end of an era. Today I say goodbye to my first post-uni or proper job as the Editor of Architecture Magazine at the Peterborough based publishers Media One. It was a decision made for many reasons; I moved towards Cambridge and […]

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masters graduation

My Creative Writing Masters Graduation

17th January 2020

I had my Graduation yesterday, when I received my Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Leicester. Not quite sure where those twelve months went, but I certainly have learnt and written more in a year than I have in a long time. I really enjoyed my course and loved going back to graduate […]

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