How to Plan your Week with a Papier Diary Like a Pro

Every Sunday I plan out my week ahead with my Papier diary and a notebook. Currently, I have quite a lot on and I forget things if I don’t write them down, so everything I need to do has to be documented somewhere or you guessed it, it won’t happen.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I chat about how much I have going on, but don’t say what that is all the time – I know it annoys me too. Most of the time it’s due to the fact that these projects are upcoming or unfinished so until it’s done I can’t share it, but in short…

What do I actually do? *at this point in time* 

  • Work 9-5 in marketing at a publishers in Cambridge 
  • Work as an influencer 
  • Work as a freelance Creative Consutlant – I work with a coaching company and sometimes a PR to help with their social and email marketing and come up with creative ideas to spice up their campaigns! 
  • Blogger – oh hey, thanks for reading this ol’ thing.
  • Freelance Writer for a few places, but regularly The Happy Newspaper  
  • Writing a feature film for a charity 
  • Writing a book proposal 
  • Weekly podcast

I’m not sure if that’s a lot or not anymore, but I enjoy it. Variety is key for me as I like to bounce between things. 

So how do I plan my week? 

Currently I’m using the Mid-Year planner in Antique Blue from Papier, it’s one of their new designs with Open Sea Design Co. I’ve found it’s big enough to fit everything I want to do in each day without an hour by hour breakdown, as those stress me out as I never stick to the hour slot! 

Usually I plan out my week on a Sunday or even plan two weeks ahead if I have a lot going on.

Regular Tasks & Birthdays

First of all, I start with the regular stuff – my weekly team meetings, posting schedules for the blog, my newsletter etc. I also pop in birthdays to make sure I don’t miss them! 


After that I add in my additional calls for the week from work and my freelance bits and podcast interviews.


I write down all my deadlines for my personal projects for the week. I don’t add in any work deadlines as usually they’re subject to change or rely on several stages e.g. first draft, feedback, final draft, approvals. When it’s just me, I edit, feedback and approve all the content myself! 

Social Bits and Bobs 

Now, I add the free time bits and bobs – dinners, brunches, drinks. I find it keeps me going knowing what social stuff or down time I have coming up, I like having it to look forward to and it also limits the time I can work so I don’t end up working 24/7 which has happened a lot in lockdown. 

Break down projects into small tasks

I usually have a few ongoing projects so I reflect on my monthly goals or those longer deadlines and break down how much of each I need to do in the week and which days I’ll do them on. Usually with big projects I dedicate specific days to them, rather than doing an hour of each in an evening. As by the time I’ve focused on what I’m doing and getting somewhere I’d have to stop and switch to something completely different! 

As I mentioned, I don’t write all of my 9-5 work tasks in here mainly as they just wouldn’t fit. There’s also lots of chasing, emailing and general admin tasks at work, so I have a Monday board for that level of organisation as I would just forget them otherwise.

Highlight that bad boy

It’s now time to add some colour! I get out my highlighters and colour code my week, which helps me see if I have too much or too little of anything.

If there’s too much work I probably can’t change that, but I can make sure I have more social time or time out of the house away from my laptop. It stops me from getting too restless so I prioritise it where I can! I also think it’s important to have a balanced week and the colours will help you spot anything that’s missing as well as what you have too much of that week.

Reflect on your Goals 

I like to reflect on my monthly goals to see how I’m doing and if I’ve forgotten anything vital to make sure I’m putting my energy into the right areas. Whilst I don’t analyse this too much, if there’s a project deadline coming up in a few weeks and I haven’t worked on it in the past few days then I make sure I dedicate time to it later in the week.

How do you plan out your week? Have you tried a Papier Mid-Year diary?

*This diary is a Press product, but all views are my own and I wasn’t asked to write this post.*

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  • Hannah says:

    Girl, that is a lot of side hustles going on!!! I literally have my 9-5 job and then my blog/Instagram and all the rest of my time is dedicated to Netflix watching and procrastinating writing on my blog! Do you even have time to binge-watch TV shows with all that going on?! Seriously though, impressed. Teach me your ways. xx

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