Feminism is the key to equality; each of these blogs will shed light on women’s rights in books, movements and news from across the world.

let women walk alone

Women Should be able to Walk Alone in 2021

15th March 2021

On the night Sarah Everard’s body was found I went to bed thinking about Sarah and how every woman I know struggles to walk alone or exist anywhere. Every woman I know has a story about a man who has verbally and physically harassed them. Sometimes it was online, on a date, while sharing a […]

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weight loss and gain

Why does weight gain and weight loss still make headlines?

19th November 2020

Even in 2020, the year of the Australian bush fires, Coronavirus, police brutality against black men and women including the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, Black Lives Matter, Biden’s win, Trump’s incapacity to concede, scrambling together a Brexit deal, why are celebrities weight loss and gain still being given a headline?  And more […]

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two excellent ted talks

Two excellent Female Ted Talks

22nd March 2019

I recently realised that Ted Talks are available as podcasts on the iphone Podcast app. They range from under ten minutes to under an hour long so you can easily binge a few episodes. After listening to handful of talks over the past few days, these two stood out. Two excellent Female Ted Talks: The […]

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We should all be Feminists

20th March 2019

I thought I’d share one of my earliest and favourite feminist reads, We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I’ve wanted to do book reviews for a while now, as I love to read, no surprise there as I paid £27,000 for the privilege. I mean I also got a degree out of […]

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Love Yourself

14th February 2019

The most important thing on Valentine’s Day is to love yourself. Yes, like it or not, it’s Valentine’s Day. I personally love Valentine’s when I’m single or in a relationship, it is a time to treat yourself to some love, and it’s also a strong reminder to appreciate the people you love. Yes, we shouldn’t […]

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men replace women in films

Should women replace men in film?

29th June 2018

It has become a trend in recent years to remake films that are heavily-dominated with male actors, to include more female characters, but should women replace men in film? Sometimes the male characters are just given to a female actor as opposed to writing new ones for them, such as in Doctor Who or Ghostbusters. […]

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you are not a damsel in distress

You are not a damsel in distress

29th January 2017

Recently, I have seen so many needy women who play the damsel in distress. Women who rely on men to make them feel better, to drive them around, to give them the status of being in a relationship, to give them the stability and comfort that comes with being in a relationship. I am not […]

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