Love Yourself

The most important thing on Valentine’s Day is to love yourself. Yes, like it or not, it’s Valentine’s Day.

I personally love Valentine’s when I’m single or in a relationship, it is a time to treat yourself to some love, and it’s also a strong reminder to appreciate the people you love. Yes, we shouldn’t need a reminder, and a 99p card and a rose doesn’t equate to true love, BUT it should make you think, who do I love?

I always think of my Mum, which was a good thing when my Dad was alive as I’d have already booked them somewhere for dinner and reminded him the night before to get her a card.

My Dad was a great example of ignoring/forgetting about Valentine’s Day. He adored my Mum, was all darling, darling, but could the man remember to book dinner on Valentine’s day? No he couldn’t, bless his heart. But it didn’t mean he loved her any less.

So obviously I took on the mantle of reminding my Mumma she’s loved.

I also have an abundance of men and women in my life who I love.

BUT the person you should also think about on Valentine’s Day is also yourself.

So here is my guide to loving yourself on Valentine’s:

Get yourself a sassy card

Papier have a great selection of empowering illustrated cards, and I bought myself the ‘Baby Got Back’ one last year. Still love it.

love yourself card

Treat yourself.

Whether it’s a bath with Buble on, or buying one of the delicious meal deals on offer at the moment, treat yourself. Maybe it’s a Dominos or Vegan pizza, or a galentine’s meal? Get on it. Even just watching a film you’ve had on your Netflix list for forever and a day, treat yo’self to it.


I don’t know why but fresh flowers are the dream! I learnt this at uni in third year. I was the Queen of using a pencil pot as a vase and buying £1 daffodils, because why the flip not. They smell nice, they look pretty and distract everyone from the bombsite that is your bedroom.

treat yourself to flowers

Share the love

Telling people they’re your main gals or pals whether by message or on social media is guaranteed to make their day, so get on that and share the flippin’ love.

Get some tunes on

Music solves all. The end.

Look out for yourself

Perhaps this is a difficult day for you, or just a commercialised holiday that you aren’t on board with, in which case, you do you my peach. If you need to ignore all your pals posts about their partners, then do, if you need to be off social media, then do that. It’ll still be there tomorrow.

Do whatever makes you happy, as first and foremost v day should be a reminder to appreciate what you have and love. Ngl my fave photos on Instagram on valentine’s day are definitely those of people with their doggos. That is true love right there.

Just google cute pics of dogs if you need a boost.

love yourself

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  • Hannah says:

    I love the fact that Valentine’s Day has gone from a commercial holiday for people in a relationship to just celebrating those loved ones around you, whether that is your parents or your best friend or your siblings. Growing up, I remember my Dad always bought my sister and I flowers so we would feel loved and my Mum always bought my brother chocolates or a teddy bear.
    I was lucky enough to celebrate my first Valentine’s this year in a relationship and felt so loved with flowers and chocolate and a home-cooked meal. Hope your Valentine’s Day was just as good. How did you celebrate? xx

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