I openly discuss different forms of my grief, mainly losing my wonderful Dad to cancer when I was a teenager.

talk about cancer

Losing a Parent to Cancer shattered my Mental Health

4th February 2021

Today is Time to Talk Day and World Cancer Day, which is slightly ironic considering my Dad’s death from Cancer is what unlocked a lot of mental health problems for me.  My Dad was training for his first sprint triathlon, ran most days before work and was the fittest person I knew. He was diagnosed […]

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grief at Christmas

How to make room for your grief at Christmas

23rd December 2020

There is nothing worse than empty chairs around the Christmas table; reminders of your grief and those you’ve loved and lost. This year, our christmases look very different than normal, as we abide by the COVID-19 restrictions which means that many of us can only be one household. This is only going to add to […]

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15 things that will help you navigate grief

9th December 2020

Grief, unfortunately, is an inevitable part of life. It’s one of those processes that you don’t want to go through, but everyone will.  A misconception about loss is that you go through grief and then move forward until grief touches your life again. The reality is that once grief touches your life it stays with […]

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dead dad's club

25 things to know about the Dead Dad’s Club

7th October 2020

I watched Grey’s Anatomy during lockdown and when George’s Dad dies, Christina comes to find him and says: “There’s a club. A dead Dad’s club. And you can’t be in it till you’re in it. You can try to understand, you can sympathize. But until you feel that loss…” you don’t know how it feels. […]

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what happened to that run

Uh, what happened to that run?

19th October 2019

So what happened to that run I’ve been talking about? Well, last Sunday I was stood in the pouring rain in a metal pen waiting for my first half marathon to start. I’d had a pre-race snack, a pocket full of jelly babies and a brighter poncho than my future. Five minutes passed, ten minutes […]

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why I'm running for sue ryder

Why I’m running for Sue Ryder

4th October 2019

In just over a week’s time I will be running my first half marathon, the Perkins Great Eastern Run in memory of my Dad for Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice. I briefly spoke on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire about why I’m running the half with two other fantastic runners doing the Great Eastern this year. With […]

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Why I’m running a half marathon

10th June 2019

I thought I’d explain why I’m running a half marathon as if you know me you’ll know that I was not a born runner. In fact I have never been that much of a runner. I was the girl who got out of cross country at school as I’d prefer to make the teachers a […]

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