Uh, what happened to that run?

what happened to that run

So what happened to that run I’ve been talking about? Well, last Sunday I was stood in the pouring rain in a metal pen waiting for my first half marathon to start. I’d had a pre-race snack, a pocket full of jelly babies and a brighter poncho than my future.

Five minutes passed, ten minutes passed… after almost forty minutes, my friend called me to tell me that the race was cancelled.

At that moment though, everyone started running all over the sodden field to grab their bags as though we’d just been told the world was ending.

I dodged the sunken land and thousands of running people, focused on grabbing my jumper from the Sue Ryder tent so to not lose a limb or two from frost bite.

I was loaded with carbs and self-belief with no where to go. Tragic.

I was SO gutted.

It took me a good two days to get over it (sad but true); I was so ready.

I’d had a sleepless two weeks worrying that I’d be slow, or what if I had to walk a bit, or what if I needed a wee half way round. It had never even crossed my mind that it would be cancelled!

Then stood on the start line I started thinking about why I was running, about my Dad etc. Just made it all the more emotional and tragic when it didn’t happen.

We found out later that the “suspicious incident” was in fact nothing, the witness had misinterpreted the person’s behaviour. I mean better to be safe than sorry, but really?

I didn’t really know what event I wanted to do next after what happened to that run. I wanted to do a half marathon otherwise running around my village like a loon for the past four months would have been for NOTHING. And I’d basically fundraised and taken people’s money for nothing too. Always a great feeling lol jokes.

But also I wasn’t that fussed about running round Bedford or Stevenage (local events in the next few weeks) or paying to do so.

I wanted to do the Great Eastern as it was in my home town, I knew the city and my family and friends would be able to watch.

So I made the decision – after a bottle of Prosecco – to sign up to a race that I’d actually like to do, The London Landmarks half marathon in 2020.

Yes it’s in March. Yes that’s six months away. But I’ll only be a better, faster runner by that time, so it’s actually not a bad idea.

AND it’s around London, somewhere I do like and we pass (as it suggests) all the iconic spots of the city.

On all accounts, it’s appealing. If not annoyingly far away. But it means that my training and my generous sponsorships haven’t gone to waste and it’ll be a very cool event to take part in!

I’ll also then get a medal that I deserve as opposed to picking up the Great Eastern goodie bag to find not one, but two medals, that I literally got for standing in the rain with the incentive to run. Not quite the same right?

Have you done a half marathon?

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