24 hours in Cambridge

24 hours in cambridge

My friend Ellie came down to visit for the weekend and we had 24 hours in Cambridge together.

One of the very few fun things (there’s no others) about living far away from your friends is showing them around where you live.

Most of my northern pals have never been to Cambridge, which means when they do visit then we go to the best bars and restaurants, obvs, but with a punt or picturesque scene thrown in to the mix. Got to make it a tad cultural right? Otherwise you may as well be in your second year house drinking gin from a mug instead.

If you haven’t been to Cambridge then you should definitely visit.

The University of Cambridge will fill all your Hogwarts and Harry Potter dreams with it’s the old traditional English vibes (even though none of the films were shot there).

Start your day right and grab a legendary Chelsea bun from Fitzbillies if you appreciate some sweet sugary goodness. It’s also a great spot for a tasty breakfast even if it does have a Cambridge price tag to come with it. *Northerners please take deep breaths before reading the bill*

Stroll down past Fitzbillies and down to St John’s or King’s College and take a tour of one of the colleges. If you’ve got a pal at the university this is even better, as then you can sponge off them as their their university card will get you in for free as their guest.

The colleges are worth a visit if you appreciate architecture or want a better view of the river, the colleges or iconic spots such as the Bridge of Sighs.

Punting is an obvious activity in Cambridge. If you only have 24 hours in Cambridge I’d say have a punt, but my god make sure that you get a tour. Do not, I repeat do not punt yourself unless you have a full change of clothes and enjoy being submerged in some filthy ass water and smelling like a dirty river all day.

The tours are also a good way to learn a bit of trivia and it’s a nice way to spend an hour; flowing down a river with a glass of summin’ while a man with a big pole does all the work.

The Mill (right by the punt tours) does great Pimms and has a good amount of gin so that’s another section of your afternoon sorted too.

After a punt or a picturesque walk head over to grab some ice cream from Aromi or Jack’s Gelato – even if it’s raining. It’s the stuff of calorific dreams, trust me.

I always like a cheeky drink when showing pals round, usually at the Pint Shop – because SO MUCH GIN – the Mill or a standard pitcher (lol who am I kidding, two pitchers) from Las Iguanas.

Walking through the centre to the main shopping area and market is also lovely.

There’s also a Franco Manca in the main square, a new addition to the city that is very welcome (in my opinion) due to all the sourdough and chorizo oily goodness.

If you have slightly longer than 24 hours or just don’t like my suggestions so far (rude) then most of the chain restaurants/bars in Cambridge are pretty nice. There’s a Byrons, Bill’s, or a cheeky Nando’s.

The Honest Burger company and Nanna Mexica are also great spots to get a bite to eat, because you can’t go wrong with a burger or a big ass burrito right?

For a fancy dinner or drink I’d recommend Six and the roof terrace bar or the Ivy Brasserie. It’s fancy, but not bodyguard-on-the-door-take-your-comfy-shoes-off fancy.

Enjoy 24 hours exploring Cambridge; be a tourist (I still pretend to be) and be ready to dodge hundreds of boyfriends (some girlfriends) of Instagram getting those angles in for the money shot. You’ll be surprised how many photos you can ruin in one day.

How would you spend 24 hours in Cambridge?

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  • Hannah says:

    I have not been to Cambridge since I was 16 and we were given a tour of the University to inspire us to apply there (spoiler: I did not) but I can still remember walking around and thinking how beautiful it was. Both Cambridge and Oxford have beautiful architecture and I love that you can cycle around rather than drive as I am definitely more confident on a bike. I would have loved to live there and maybe I will in the future. xx

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