Is there a creative career path? How do I land my dream job? I work through the many questions around careers post-university as I muddle through it myself.

freelance jobs

What freelance jobs do you actually do?

18th March 2022

Well it has been a little while eh? I almost panicked that I wouldn’t remember how to write a blog today, but it turns out spilling my thoughts onto paper is something that comes quite easily for me (perhaps too easily, I should really try and hold some thoughts back).  In short, the past few […]

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freelance in the pandemic

An Honest Reflection on my first two months freelance

23rd February 2021

It’s been over two months now since I quit my 9-5 job as a Marketing Executive and went freelance as a writer, content creator and social media consultant. The first month passed by in a tinsel-filled blur, the second has been filled with work (thankfully) so I’m only just getting round to writing about this […]

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lonely wfh

Do you get lonely working from home? Me too.

4th September 2020

When lockdown hit in March working from home, migrating all our meetings to teams and wearing loungewear 24/7 was a novelty. Now, six months down the line, it’s getting a bit lonely.  I started my new job at the end of January and had 7 weeks in the office before the pandemic hit. I’d just […]

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your grades don't define you

6 reasons why your grades don’t define you

20th August 2020

Today is GCSE results day and after the shambles of last week’s A-Level results, it’s no wonder students were worried about receiving their grades. But whether you’re thrilled or disappointed, the important thing to remember is that your grades don’t define you. Teachers often label children as ‘gifted’ or ‘straight A/A* student’ but what they […]

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redundancy in a pandemic

Redundancy in a Pandemic with HarmonyBlaze

14th August 2020

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Emma from the fitness and wellness blog HarmonyBlaze. Here, Emma, shares her reflections on being made redundant during the coronavirus pandemic. Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your life.  So where do I start! I’m Emma, and I describe myself as a thirty-something blogger […]

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time out of the office

Is time out of the office good for your career?

13th August 2020

Whether you’re working from home, on furlough or been fired, being out of your regular work environment might be the best thing to happen to your career in the long-term. Alongside the mental health benefits, with the extra time at home, we’ve been given the chance to assess whether we actually enjoy what we’re doing […]

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working for free as a writer

Practical things you can do as a writer working for free

18th June 2020

I’ve had countless discussions with friends and followers recently about the issues surrounding working for free as a writer, creative or influencer. Creatives are the only professionals (that I know of) who work for free – nurses wouldn’t, teachers wouldn’t and politicians certainly wouldn’t. It is incredibly frustrating. In 2012 the Guardian wrote an article […]

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