A Weekend in Brighton

In July, Rae, Lauren and I drove down to Brighton for a much-needed gals weekend away by the sea. I’d never been to Brighton before, so I was buzzing to finally go! 

Effectively, it’s London-by-the-sea or London meets Cromer and I am so here for it. 

If you love a seaside town you will love Brighton as it has all the quaint qualities of a coastal town along with the benefits of a huge city attached with a great arts scene.

We spent the majority of the weekend catching up on the beach with a cocktail or cake in hand and a few of Brighton’s essentials crammed in the mix.

After checking into our bougie af AirBnB we headed straight to the beach and took a stroll along the pier. I didn’t realise that the original pier had burnt down and the remnants of it’s frame are still in the sea.

The new pier has amusements, food stalls, and rides. We didn’t brave the rides as the creaking wooden floorboards were off putting enough without swinging out on a ride over the sea.

Brighton beach is a great spot for an ice cream, afternoon chill reading or a paddle. We did a little bit of sunbathing in a warm enough summer afternoon.

There are so many great bars, none of which I can remember the name of as I did my night well and drank quite a few Pornstar Martini’s. But the night life is great, everywhere is buzzing but head into the centre of town away from the promenade the majority of bars and clubs. 

If you have some time over the weekend then do some shopping as Brighton literally has everything.

Head to the Lanes, for a hungover brunch or Sunday brunch; the Lanes are like Camden market meets the Shambles in York.

Each winding street is filled with great bakes, tea shops, boutiques, gift shops, bars, pubs; it’s a great spot to spend some time exploring what’s on offer.

Food is SO good in Brighton. There’s SO much choice and also SO many burgers.

Obviously there’s the obligatory seaside fish and chips, but we also had incredible burgers at MeatLiqour. We had to get an uber there as it was on the opposite side of the city to our Airbnb, but it was so worth it! then we strolled back through the streets by the sea home.

Another amazing attraction is the British Airways i360, designed by Mark Barfield Architects who designed the London Eye.

The gigantic platform is a great way to witness breathtaking views of Brighton.

With eye catching roof top wall art, extensive views over the glistening ocean and an onboard bar this one hour experience is totally worth the queue.

A hilarious addition to our trip was a burlesque show that was pitched as a circus-Greatest-Showman kinda evening with three course dinner… when in fact it was simply women stripping and twirling their nip tassels about for a bit.

We’re all for female empowerment and spent most of our evening going “how was that a dance?” and watching the couple sat next to us, right at the front of the stage.

To fill you in, he’d bought his wife this experience for her 50th birthday and the half-naked women put cream on his head and licked it off. Wait, it gets worse! For his birthday, she took him to Chicago. CHICAGO.

Safe to say their evening was much worse than ours. I really hope she gets him tickets to Magic Mike next year, she deserves that.

Had such a lovely time with two of my favourite people.

Have you spent a weekend in Brighton? Where did you visit?

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  • Hannah says:

    Sounds like you had an incredible time! I do love Brighton but I find it is always so busy during the summer which can ruin the experience. Eastbourne is very similar but can be less popular so I prefer to go there if I just want to chill and take cute photos.
    I love your dress! Where is it from? xx

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