Adventures in Split

At the end of August, Dan and I took a trip across to the picture-perfect postcard country, Croatia.

Quite simply, Croatia is beautiful and you should go, go now.

I booked an apartment for the first few days near the old town in Split, a short walk from the promenade. Lined with palm trees with lush yachts docked up, Split is a beautiful spot for all your tropical holiday vibes.

Split has several beaches – which we obviously made good use of – and we spent a whole day on the loungers, mojito in hand, reading, swimming and sun bathing. Interrupted only by now and again Dan saying “Jess, you look a bit red. Put more cream on”. Pale girl summer eh?

One of our favourite days in Split was taking a tour to Krka Waterfalls. Yes you have to wake up pretty early on holiday, but it is SO worth it. To sweeten the deal of an early morning coach, go to the bakery and get some pastries. Kept Dan happy… well quiet.

The cascading falls and National park are a gorgeous place to explore and cool off for the day. Swimming in the falls, strolling through the woods and staring at the tons of fish.

Take some water shoes or flip flops with you if you can to wear in the shallows to avoid the rocks. The water varies in depth but generally do not get in if you can’t swim because it can be quite deep!

There are rocks here and there to stand on or perch on, but generally the water is as deep as a hobbit-sized human aka us.

If you have time take the hour long walk round to the top of the water falls. We loved the climb through the forest and around to the boardwalks; in spite of the wildlife – THERE ARE SNAKES – it’s a relaxing and beautiful walk.

As part of our tour, we signed up to the wine tasting in the afternoon which cost us around £3 more (each) to take part in – mad. So after most of the day at the National park, we got the boat back to the coach and head into a small local village nearby in the countryside to a family-owned vineyard.

The wine, bread and cheese was very welcome, despite the evident Trump supporters within our tour group which involved a few awkward pauses in some conversations around America.

All in all, it was a magical day and we loved the lil adventure. We took the tour with Bookers and would really recommend the company for the quality and cost of the tour.

There’s so many lovely places to eat in Split, especially in the squares just off the promenade and tucked away throughout the old town.

We mainly just strolled through the streets to find somewhere to have a drink and dinner in the evenings, and never had a bad meal!

It goes without saying that the architecture is beautiful; you’ll never find two streets or buildings quite the same.

After almost three days of exploring, sun and too many glasses of wine we caught the ferry round to Dubrovnik. If we’d had more time we would have done more of the islands or popped to the capital, Zagreb. But we absolutely loved Split and Dubrovnik, it’s a perfect getaway for a couple, business partners, co-workers or friends.

We left a review for the waterfall tour on TripAdvisor and my Cambridge graduate of a boyfriend misunderstood that type of trip (business, friends, couple, family with kids, solo traveller) was in fact the type that YOU were as opposed to the type you thought this trip was appropriate for.

Dan: Well it could be any of them?

Me: What?

Dan: Well it could be any of them. Friends, couple, business, family with kids, solo traveller

Me: Uh, we don’t have kids? You think we’re just friends?

Dan: No course not

Me: You aren’t a solo traveller just travelling next to me, another solo traveller? We’re travelling together, a couple.

*I wonder if he’s having a melt-down/brain aneurism… no, no, he’s just an idiot*

Safe to say he is now a solo traveller and his carer (me) will not be taking him out again on my solo travels or business trips.

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  • Hannah says:

    I REALLY want to go to Croatia especially as I keep seeing everyone’s photos all over Instagram and it looks gorgeous! Maybe next year? The photos of the water fall are my personal favourite from this blog post. xx

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