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I’m a sucker for buying a cute e-card or motivational postcard, whether that’s for myself or one of my fave gal pals. But at the end of the day, after two maybe three weeks (at a push) of the cards being sat on your shelf, TV stand, mantlepiece, they’re stacked into a little pile to collect dust in some box, bag or crevice of a cupboard.

What do you do with all these paper cards?

Eventually they’re recycled, or they will just clutter up your house for your remaining years.

I think we’ve all reached the sensible stage where we’re looking for the environmentally friendly alternatives; we’re more conscious about how our decisions – mainly our purchases – affect the planet.

I remember when I was younger going to choose invitations for my annual birthday sleepover that involved the ‘Princess Diaries’ moment of sleeping bag surfing down the stairs – it wasn’t quite as elegant as mattress surfing, but we LOVED it.

I loved going to pick out invites; perusing the quality paper and quaint illustrations and wonder which one summed up myself best.

Most of the time none of them did, so I simply picked my favourite and then drew lots of little hearts and stars in different colours all over it.

With everything else turning digital – magazines, books, notes, the very blog that you’re reading is written on a computer, not a pen or paper – our invites and greeting cards should too.

In July I was invited to a Baby Shower with a gorgeous Paperless Post e-card. Sent by email (as everything is now), the illustrated invitation was gorgeous AND I got to keep it, without it clogging up my cupboard.

Paperless Post also keeps a record of every invitation, flyer or card you’ve sent or received, so all your digital memories are stored on there forever. Nifty eh?

Lots of my friends have November birthdays so I decided to send out E-cards from Paperless Post. Being able to customise illustrated cards with minimum design knowledge and effort is great, there’s loads of design to choose from and they’re all much cheaper than buying a bespoke card, which can be as expensive as six or seven pounds.

Equally, each card has SO many customisable settings. You can change the background colours, the size and colour of the font and the font itself, the lining of the card, the envelope, the stamp, all to give an extra lil something to your message.

I designed a birthday card for my bestie, Becca. It’s a simple, swift way of sending a cute card without effecting the environment AND suits having a busy little life. I mean who has time to find or go to a post box eh?

You can also send yourself a test of the card, to make sure you’re happy with it before committing to purchasing it.

It’s a genius idea for Christmas. I mean what do you do with all your Christmas cards?? It turns Jan 1st and adios, they’re thrown into the nearest recycling bin – I hope at least.

Also, let’s not forget how much envelopes and stamps cost. There’s so many additional costs to sending out cards and the bill can easily stack up at Christmas.

The majority of what you read is digital right? The News, social media, media articles, e-books, journals, reviews, data etc… so why should cards be any different?

You can even send the same card, invitation or flyer to numerous recipients. Just add their email to the list.

Whether it’s a Christmas card, birthday invitation, flyer for an event; find a personal touch in a digital way with Paperless Post.

Do you send e-cards?

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