Is Dermalogica skincare worth it?

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I have been fortunate enough to be part of the #skinfluencer campaign with dermalogica for just over six months now and dermalogica have some of the best skincare products I have ever used.

All my views in this blog are my own, regardless of my work with the brand. 

As I’ve tried quite a few of the products, I thought I’d give you a low down of my fave, go-to skincare essentials from this brand. I talked a bit about the products in my Winter skin care routine, but this is a bit more in-depth dermalogica fan-girl post.

My skin is your typical combination skin type, which means I’ll have a little dry patch in the morning and my forehead will be as shiny as the sun by the afternoon.

I usually get spots across my chin, nose and sometimes my jaw line, but I haven’t struggled with acne or serious skin conditions apart from after an operation when I was on a lot of medication. After the operation there wasn’t a millimeter of my face that didn’t have a spot on it. 

Obviously your results with the products may vary if your skin differs to mine, but I genuinely believe dermalogica are a great brand and produce excellent, quality skincare that has been thought out and gets results. 

Also for the record, I have completely run out of and used up all my pre-balm cleanser, cleanser and moisturiser, but still have some of the lip, eye and serums that I switch into my current skincare routine as they last for ages! 

Pre-cleanse balm – £13+

The balm acts as a way of achieving cleaner and healthier skin with a double cleanse. Together with the intensive moisture cleanser I found it really effective.

It’s not like some liquid cleansers that feel as though they’ve done nothing for you, using a pea sized bit of balm and massaging it into the skin is really good for removing dirt and cleaning pores.

It was the first time I’d used cleanser and seen a difference! 

Intensive Moisture Cleanser – £35+

Alongside or without the pre-cleanse balm, this cleanser is excellent. It’s light, creamy and great for cleaning the skin as well as adding moisture to those drier areas.

Again, I found it really effective e.g. I didn’t break out as much (I don’t think at all actually when I did it morning and night everyday) and usually I would break out along with my cycles or just from too much chocolate – sad times. 

Barrier defence booster – £67+

So while this product is a little on the pricey side (imo) it won the best new skin care product PURE Beauty Global Award 2018. It’s an oil that boosts, soothes and nourishes the balance in sensitive skin.

I personally found this product great and alongside the cleansers and moisturiser listed on here, my skin was definitely cleaner, brighter and less likely to break out.

I think it’s expensive for what it is, but it does work and lasts for ages as with all oils/serums you only use a small amount. But, I wouldn’t use this as my day to day simply due to the price. 

Redness relief essence – £19+

I’m always a bit sceptical when products are labelled ‘redness relief’ as I’m like yes, but my skin is very blotchy sometimes. BUT, it worked.

Redness relief essence is lightweight like a toner and reduces renders and helps strengthen the skin’s sensitivity.

Also thankfully Dermalogica offer great advice about how to use their products and create a skincare routine for you, so if like me you’re unsure if you need or would benefit from certain serums, there’s plenty of information online to help you. 

Biolumin-C Eye Serum – £63

As you’re probably guessing from this skincare review I’m new to the whole taking care of your skin with lots of different products as opposed to a face wash, mask and moisturiser e.g. my lazy gal uni routine.

This brightening vitamin-c eye serum is insane. I have bags under my eyes (don’t we all) as my sleep pattern is often skewed, but not only does this serum brightening my eyes but it drastically reduces my bags. It says that it firms the skin and it definitely does.

As this was gifted I’ve just seen the price collating this list and yes that is a lot, but I definitely think this product is worth it.

I got the best results when I used the round edge of the serum bottle to roll the cream into my skin under my eye. 

Nightly lip treatment – £47.50

Holy, calzone. I’ve never used lip treatments before, but this is your gal for dry, cracked winter lips or slightly burning, gasping for a drink summer lips.

It’s a night lip treatment and while it feels thick and odd to sleep in essentially a thick lip balm, in the morning your lips are like brand new blump soft babies.

So actually thinking about it, while I like all the products listed and collectively they work really well together as a skincare routine, this product really stands out on it’s own. 

Intensive moisture balance – £16+ 

I absolutely love this mosituriser. It’s rich in antioxidants and my skin appeared much smoother, and felt firmer and clean after use. As I mentioned before, I had barely any break outs using this routine and I cannot recommend the pre-cleanse balm, cleanser and moisturiser enough.

I feel that those three products are the basis of a great skin routine and it’s affordable for a daily routine. Whereas the other products take it to another level, so it depends how much you want to invest in your skincare etc. 

So, are dermalogica worth it?

Dermalogica is hands down one of the best skincare brands I’ve ever used and I’ve tried so many at this point, that I am really impressed when products work. 

I’d recommend starting with a cleanser, maybe serum and a moisturiser with any skincare brand and then build up after that as not all skin types will work well with certain products. 

Have you ever used Dermalogica products before? What were your thoughts?

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