Wellness Gifts to destress with this Christmas

In 2021 what we all need is more rest in our lives, so here’s the perfect wellness gift to relax with in the new year. I think we’re all guilty of not taking the best care of ourselves sometimes – I certainly am. Especially in the winter it’s vital to prioritise your self-care and wellness, when there’s less daylight, and more pressure to feel that commercialised joy 24/7. 

I thought I’d compile some of my wellness and self-care staples that create the perfect ambience for relaxation.  

Wellness Gift Guide

wellness gifts
  1. The 90 Manifestation and Goal Setting Journal, from £10.00, Vibe + Flow
  2. Seychelles Candle, £20, The White Company 
  3. Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask, £18, The Body Shop
  4. Home Body by Rupi Kaur, Waterstones £12.99 
  5. What if it all goes right? Decal, £12, Sighh 
  6. Radiance Body Oil, £29.95 by Urban Veda 
  7. Imperial Leather Escape & Midnight Orchid Bubble bath, £0.99, Tesco 
  8. Leopard print Pyjama set, £49.95, Joules
  9. Lemon Drizzle Green Tea, £2.69, Twinings 
  10. Suede Slippers, £20, Next 
  11. deep sleep pillow spray, £10, This Works
  12. Hand Cream, £2.80, Cath Kidston 
  13. Coral Medium Band, £16, Shreddy
  14. Argan Skincare Candle, Festive Orange & Frankincense, £38 from Douvalls
  15. Water bottle, £10.99, Amazon
  16. Pink Hearts Mug, £19.95, Emma Bridgewater
  17. Wellness Journal, £24, Papier
  18. Bralette, £13.60 Gilly Hicks 
  19. Elasticizer Deep-Conditioning Treatment 75ml, £19, Philip Kingsley
  20. Gratitude cards, £19, Wolf and Badger

What other gifts do you think promote wellness?

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