My Winter Skin Care Routine

*Some of these items are gifted*

I have a really good winter skin care routine as my skin becomes so dry, all the moisture is just sucked out of it from September onwards. But I can also have super oily skin by the evenings – how eh?

Then add in the daily advent calendar chocolate along with a sneaky other piece of chocolate here and there (I mean it is Christmas) and my skin is very likely to break out. So I usually up my skincare routine around this time of year to combat all of these things out to destroy my face. 

Micellar Water

I swapped out face wipes around four years ago now and religiously use the Garnier Micellar water to remove my make up everyday. Just an essential.

Pre-cleanse balm, Dermalogica

So with the pre-cleanse balm rub a pea sized helping of the paste onto my skin (mainly t-zone and chin) before washing it off with water and patting my face dry. It’s additional to the normal cleanser, but really helps clean out pores.

Cleanser, Dermalogica

On a slightly damp face I then apply the Intensive moisture cleanser. It starts to foam slightly as you scrub it in. It smells great and really does the trick. Some cleansers I find aren’t that effective, but I notice the difference with this cleanser and pre-balm. I think it’s because it has more texture, it doesn’t just feel like soap or water.

Redness relief essence, Dermalogica

After I’ve dried my face I pat a small amount of the redness relief essence into my palms before gliding it over my face and neck. It smells divine and it defintiely balances out my skintone, which is prone to being quite ghostly pale. Mmm.

Vitamin C Serum, Mila Simone 

I recently began using the Mila Simone Azzura Essence is a Vitamin C Serum. It’s a blend of antioxidants that works to improve the appearance and feel of skin. It’s very light and restores the elasticity of your skin and gives it a nice glow. It can also be used as a make-up primer! It’s vegan, cruelty and fragrance free and made in the UK. Ticks every box for me.

Moisturiser, Clinque or Dermalogica

 If there’s one thing I’m really fussy about, it’s moisturiser. Some moisturisers just don’t work for my could-be-oily-today or could-be-dry-today skin. The best two that work for me are the Clinque 72 hour moisture surge or the Dermalogica Moisturiser.

With both, a small amount of product goes a long way. The Dermalogica Intensive moisture balance is really gentle on the skin, very light and hydrating. Leaves my skin feeling so soft and alongside the other Dermalogica products it works a treat.

The Clinque Moisture surge 72 hour is a heavier stronger moisturiser, I use very little, but it is really hydrating.

Face Masks

So once or twice I week I like to do a deep clean of my face. I wear make up everyday and sometimes apply more in the evenings for events (yes I know, not ideal) and I really don’t always feel that my skin is that clean day to day. Yummy, I know.

So when I want a deep Mrs Hinch type clean (but of my face), I turn to Facemasks. 

Neutrogena Clear & Defend Face Mask

One of my all time favourites is the Neutrogena Clear & Defend Face Mask. I’ve used it for years after my skin got incredibly bad after my double jaw surgery. It’s a really good cleanse and leaves my skin feeling firm and smooth, but not too dry. It can be used as a face wash or as a mask and works super well either way.

Wake Detox Pink Clay Mask

I also love the Wake Detox Pink Clay Mask. It’s grainier and fragrance and cruelty free, so you really feel that it’s scrubbing out even the deepest pores. It leaves the skin really smooth and feels much cleaner afterwards, but sometimes it dries out small patches of skin. So make sure to add extra moisturiser that night!

Himalayan Charcoal Mask

Another facemask, that I haven’t used for a while (funds haven’t allowed it), is the Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask. Similar to the Pink Clay Mask it’s a thicker paste that’s grainier and really scrubs your face clean. It’s hydrating as well as exfoliating. Probably my favourite, but the Wake mask is a great and cheaper alternative. 


There is NOTHING worse than dry, cracking, sore lips. It’s cold outside, they dry out, you lick your lips, they get worse. You use certain lipgloss or chapstick and they get drier! It’s a big old no from me.


I mean, regular, run of the mill, girl that’s always got your back is Carmex. Grab it from supermarkets, Boots, Primark; it’s literally everywhere and a handbag essential.

Dermalogica Lip Treatment 

For the slightly more professional, deep lip repair and extra hydration the Dermalogica Lip treatment is THE ONE. It smells like Blitez and is as nourishing as a moisturiser but specifically designed for your lips.

It’s best to apply this in your morning and night skincare routine, before you do a full face and neck moisturise. The reason I think this is such a good product is even after sleeping for however many hours (always less than I’d like) I wake up and my lips are as soft and smooth as they were when I first applied it.

What’s your winter skin care routine?

Here’s my winter skin care routine for my body.

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  • Hannah says:

    I really need to invest in a lip scrub or mask! I feel like my lips are constantly dry and peeling in the winter months despite the many layers of Vaseline I apply on a daily basis! xx

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