Five weeks until the half marathon!

I can’t quite believe how fast this half marathon has come round, but in five weeks time I will be running the London Landmarks half marathon for Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall. All the internal screams.

I’m running in memory of my Dad, who would be shocked and laughing his head off if he knew I was running a half marathon. It’s definitely not in my comfort zone or any zone I’m used to.

I’m shocked and most of the time laughing at myself for signing up (again).

Training this time round has been so much easier though. It’s still sometimes dull running the same routes or just clocking up the miles, but I haven’t had any of the problems I encountered the first time I was training for a half.

My mindset is completely different. I basically trained myself last time to think it’s just one foot in front of the other. To focus on moving as opposed to how much distance I had already covered and still had left to go.

I also run better in the evenings as I don’t feel sick. I used to run in the mornings before breakfast which never ever works. Eat something before you run, or you’ll feel awful. After work when I’ve had a good amount of food during the day is ideal, as then I can run without worrying I won’t make it the whole way round.

Running without headphones has also been a game changer. I would probably never run with them now. It really helps to listen to your breathing to know how hard you’re working, which is obviously important when you’re doing endurance running.

Side note: look at lil ol’ me sounding like I know what I’m doing!! I’ve just found a way to run where I don’t a) feel sick and b) get bored. It’s a success in my books.

I’m really excited about the thought of finally running a half and in London as well! But it also feels like a while off as I’ve got quite a lot of long runs to do before the day yet and a lot to do in March in general.

But as long as I get into the starting pen and the race actually happens, it’ll be a better experience than last time. I’ll be a happy gal.

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  • Hannah says:

    Good luck! I have personally never considered myself a runner but I would love to give it a proper try and see if I can change that. Would like to be able to run 5k by the end of 2020. xx

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