The Ivy Brasserie, Cambridge

One of our favourite spots for a fancy celebratory dinner is The Ivy Brasserie in Cambridge.

To celebrate finishing my Masters, we called in for dinner. As obviously, I decided to reward myself with food and bubbles.

It’s a Brasserie version of the Ivy and one of my favourites. Swanky decor with vibrant velvet colours, plants, patterned floors, and a mish mash of photos; the interior is lush.

It’s safe to say that I went all out. To start we had the duck liver parfait.

Hot diggity, it was so good. Turns out duck parfait and brioche is a combo of dreams.

I always without fail have the same main at The Ivy, the salmon and smoked haddock fish cake topped with a poached egg. Gooey eggy goodness with a crispy fish cake and crushed peas is the stuff of the Gods.

I had the olive oil mash as well, despite a fish cake having mash, which the waitress pointed out to me – uh, hun I know.

I want it because it is SO SO extra. So luxurious. So smooth. Olive oil mash potato. Can’t have that at home can I!

Side note, I agreed with the waitress originally as I felt stupid. She said mashed potato in fish cake with mash would be too much mash on mash apparently. Then two seconds after she left I ran after her to get that mashed oily goodness.

I took a basic Bella boomerang of popping my poached egg but I accidentally deleted it before posting. First world problems eh? Serves me right for being basic.

It’s an ideal spot for an extra special evening without breaking the bank. Yes it’s the Ivy, yes it’s fancy, but for Cambridge, it’s prices are pretty run of the mill.

Mains range in price from £13-16 with steaks being around double that. Drinks are pretty normal Cambridge prices and it’s a nice spot to pop in for a drink at the bar if you can’t get a table!

The food is traditional British food with a twist here and there, think classic dishes with reasonable portions sizes are, there’s no Phoebe “I can’t see it” moment.

I’m a big fan, if you can’t tell. So if you need a restaurant to celebrate, see if there’s an Ivy Brasserie near you.

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  • Hannah says:

    You are both too clever with your Masters!! Congratulations though, I knew you would smash it.
    I love your outfit, especially the dress! Really need to purchase some fancier dresses as all I have are summer dresses which are great for holidays but not so good for fancy dinners with family (not that I attend many of those). xx

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