Is there anything worse than having a bad meal? No, no there’s not. Here’s a few of my favourite spots to eat at both independents and chains.

Double Bubble Tea House, Peterborough

18th March 2020

I was kindly invited to have afternoon tea at the Double Bubble Tea House with my Mum. While this was gifted, I had no obligation to write a blog post, just take photos to share on social media. As bubble tea novices, we asked Klara and Karen for their tea recommendations. Mum had the mint […]

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The Ivy Brasserie, Cambridge

12th November 2019

One of our favourite spots for a fancy celebratory dinner is The Ivy Brasserie in Cambridge. To celebrate Dan passing his MPhil from the University of Cambridge (not that he ever mentions it) we went to the Ivy and then again when I finished my Masters! We obvs decided to reward ourselves with food for […]

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The top 10 cafes in York

22nd June 2018

I’ve been wanting to write this for a while as I feel I have a lot of experience of cafes in York, since I’ve cafe-hopped extensively during my time living in York. I well and truly lived up to the stereotype of an English student reading a book with a cuppa in a cafe, with the occasional […]

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For Real?

17th September 2017

If you can’t tell from the photo of me and a scooby sandwich, this post will not be serious, or be about how to keep your eyebrows on fleek, or what goals to set and not achieve, or how to improve yo self. If you’re looking for that then I’d probs leave now, as this […]

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The Giggling Squid, Bury St Edmunds

15th September 2017

On Wednesday I got the train to Ely for £7 to go and have lunch with my friend Becca, to see her in between her holidays. She’s just got back from tuk-tuking from Barcelona to Madrid, and now she is off to Nice on Saturday. Yep, I’m one v jel friend. Now after having a […]

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Bakeshop, York

7th June 2017

I was never really someone who brunched, joining two meals never appealed to me before I realised you can eat more to compensate it essentially being one meal with the calories of two. Dreams. Also at university I’ve become acclimatised too, firstly because York has so many darn nice places that offer brunch, and secondly […]

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My Review of the Atkins Diet

25th April 2017

I started the Atkins diet a year ago today, which seems flippin long ago now! And Ive basically been on and off the diet throughout the past year. The Atkins diet is kind of like a keto diet, so a high fat low carb diet. It is set out in phases, Phase 1 you cut […]

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there was a snail in my sausage

There was a snail in my sausage

22nd January 2017

Now I’m going to tell you a little story about when I found a snail in a sausage (read more in the Daily Mail here – yes it made the Mail and the Mirror here). Ellie and I were feeling the second year blues – so much work, so little time and sometimes it’s all […]

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