Is there anything worse than having a bad meal? No, no there’s not. Here’s a few of my favourite spots to eat at both independents and chains.

Double Bubble Tea House, Peterborough

18th March 2020

I was kindly invited to have afternoon tea at the Double Bubble Tea House with my Mum. While this was gifted, I had no obligation to write a blog post, just take photos to share on social media. As bubble tea novices, we asked Klara and Karen for their tea recommendations. Mum had the mint […]

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The Ivy Brasserie, Cambridge

12th November 2019

One of our favourite spots for a fancy celebratory dinner is The Ivy Brasserie in Cambridge. To celebrate finishing my Masters, we called in for dinner. As obviously, I decided to reward myself with food and bubbles. It’s a Brasserie version of the Ivy and one of my favourites. Swanky decor with vibrant velvet colours, […]

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The top 10 cafes in York

22nd June 2018

I have a lot of experience of cafes in York, since I cafe-hopped extensively during my time in York. I well and truly lived up to the stereotype of an English student reading a book with a cup of tea in a cafe, with the occasional piece of cake. Betty’s Cafe, York I’ve got to start with […]

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giggling squid

The Giggling Squid, Bury St Edmunds

15th September 2017

On Wednesday, Becca and I went to Bury St Edmunds and had lunch at the Giggling Squid. I got the train to see B in between her holidays; she had just got back from tuk-tuking from Barcelona to Madrid, and now she is off to Nice on Saturday. I’m one jealous friend. After having a […]

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Bakeshop, York

7th June 2017

I was never really someone who brunched that much before visiting Bakeshop and other cafes in York. I would prefer to have two meals rather than just one, but then I realised you can eat more to compensate as it is essentially one meal with the calories of two. Dreams. Yet York has so many […]

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there was a snail in my sausage

There was a snail in my sausage

22nd January 2017

Now I’m going to tell you a little story about when I found a snail in a sausage (read more in the Daily Mail here – yes it made the Mail and the Mirror here). Ellie and I were feeling the second year blues – so much work, so little time and sometimes it’s all […]

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