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bakeshop york

I was never really someone who brunched that much before visiting Bakeshop and other cafes in York. I would prefer to have two meals rather than just one, but then I realised you can eat more to compensate as it is essentially one meal with the calories of two. Dreams.

Yet York has so many lovely places for brunch so it has quickly become an integral part of my University life. I’m not having a daily avocado or anything, but I enjoy the odd treat.

Lucy and I went to try out the Bakeshop, which recently opened. It’s linked to Brew and Brownie (which is sensational) and it’s has more deli style food, bright white interiors (an Instagram dream) and a hygge quality. As we love Brew and Brownie we had high hopes for Bakeshop.

It is beyond other things a very aesthetically pleasing cafe, with it’s white tables, wooden benches, neutral mugs that bring out the vibrant colours of the club sandwiches, soups and the obligatory beige pastries on offer.

Lucy opted for a cinnamon swirl and an Americanno, whilst I simply have a green tea.

green tea bakeshop

I suppose this is an odd brunch as I’m not sure anyone would class a tea as a meal (I certainly don’t), but it was a one off I can assure you.

We pondered on where our year has gone, our mental health and the looming dissertation proposal which Lucy has a well thought through intellectual idea for, whilst I struggle to come up with an idea. I struggle to narrow my ideas down, but also find one that is substantial enough to write 8,000 words on.

Lucy is an articulate person. She can speak concisely and passion so that you know she means every word she says. Every sentence she utters she whole heartedly believes and is definitely up to debate on (and probably win I might add). One of Lucy’s other talents is that she’s a great photographer with an excellent camera. All photo credits of this Bakeshop brunch go to Lucy and her magical camera.

Have you been to Bakeshop in York before?

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