Life Update: I’m Living in London!

It’s slightly surreal to write this, but I’ve moved to London! As I sit at my new Ikea desk that I built (and then Matt & Rae rebuilt for me as it was wrong – oops), I’m so excited about this new chapter.

Thankfully, I’m still working from home in my marketing job. It’s been a quiet month with universities closed, but I’m ready and psyched for a busier September.

If you’ve been following my journey for a while, you’ll know that I moved back home in February (properly in May) from living near Cambridge. You can read more about why I moved home here. Yes, so I’ve moved a few times this year! 

I’m quite used to moving regularly though as at Uni I lived in three different places across the three years and came back home during the holidays (as all my friends did too). So, I’m very good at fitting my life into the back of a car (or two) and relocating. 

I’ve always wanted to move to London and I think especially after lockdown I’m ready for it.

During lockdown I have become a Hobbit, I won’t deny it and essentially we were forced into it. But I’m now ready for my adventure please thank you to you.

Then the opportunity rose to live with one of my best friends and her boyfriend, so it all worked out perfectly. As well as being wonderful people (essential flatmate qualities) they have a beautiful bright flat, which is a pleasure to be in! It’s also a steal for the three of us in London. Some things definitely happen for a reason.  

In April, I created a vision board and London featured quite heavily on it. Ya girl is manifesting her dreams now I’m living in London. I’m finally steering my life with some direction (it seems) – woo. Only taken 23 years.

I am SO excited for the opportunities that London has to offer. This evening I’m seeing one of my pals from work who is in the city and we’re off for dinner. Isn’t going out for dinner with a friend so 2019 though? Like what is this life? Masks will obviously be worn, but this is a luxury.

I don’t know about you but lockdown has made me so grateful for my friends and I am a buzzing to see each and every one of them. A few months ago, I wrote about the the effects of lockdown on friendships here and I definitely feel more grateful for time spent with pals.

A lot of my friends want to move to London at some point in their twenties and I think that’s quite normal after University.

It’s one of my favourite places in the world and I can’t really believe I’m going to be living in London.

I am really sad that the theatres are closed, but when they safely reopen next year, I’ll be SO ready to get back to the West End whenever I can.

But as someone who lives and breathes creativity in all forms, I think living in London is a great move for me now and for future Jess too. 

So watch this space kids, be ready for the London content, future mishaps and trying to afford to live, while having a darn good time. 

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  • Hannah says:

    What a beautiful flat! It really is a steal if the flat is affordable as that bathroom decor is to die for! Love how you have decorated your room and the colour scheme is gorgeous! xx

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